Who think it best if I just drop out?

This might be a little long.. but I was thinking of dropping out of highschool after this school year is over with. I got a lot of reasons for thinking it might be best to drop out one reason is that Life already kicked the crap out of me so am just tired of going thru all the struggle trying to make it in this cruel and cold world. I like to sleep a lot ( cause it like the most peaceful think I can do) so I might not get up for school. Then my school is closing down so ill be going to a new school ( ill be a junior) where ill probably barely know anyone. I know peoples going barrage me with questions and I hate to answer questions (due to my speech impediment). then I might have a job by the time the next school year come which make thing more harder -.- Life is just killing me I don’t see why I should finish school anyway I probably won’t go to college cause I don’t feel like struggling to get thru that. I don’t know if dropping out is the best thing to do. Am ready just to sleep for a few years am tired of waking up to the same painful cruel world everyday

Answer #1

Wow you do like to complain about your life. One would think you grew up in a mud hut, with no clean water, and war ravaging around you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, things may not have gone as well as they have for others. But you didnt have to shoot your parents at the age of 5 or be killed yourself. You werent tortured, repeatedly raped or starved. A little perspective here. Your biggest complaint is you wont know anyone? There’s kids who go to school under trees without books or writing utensils, and you’re whining about having to answer questions? Your speech impediment is not an excuse you’re going to be able to use for the rest of your life. No one will care what your excuse is. People make it despite severe disabilities. You have opportunities others just dream of. The only thing stopping you, is you.

Answer #2

wooow that sounds a lot like my problem…im in the 8th grade tho and I dropped out 4 like 3months but what I realized is that seeing a lot of my friends and my boyfriend succeed in school, makes me feel like crap!!! I’ve been thru a lot and I mean a lot in my shitty life and dropping out for that lil bit made it worse…so you probably shouldnt drop out because it could just get worse 4 you…but try to make the best out of school, something thatll make you want to go everyday, friends, girlfreind,activities!!! and I know exactly how you feel about sleeping…trust me, to me its the greatest thing in the world…because at first I started missing like 1 day a week and just told myself oh well ill go the next day…but it started to increase and sure enough I dropped out for 3 months!!! but like homeschooling is probably the best…because dropping out will only make matters worse, hell im still depressed but I dont want to ruin my life by droppin out and neither should you!!! I found that havn a boyfriend that I can see everyday helps me thru all this bullshyt…so hope my advice helped(: good luck on your decision!!!

Answer #3

If you really hate it, then yes, an option is to leave school. But you MUST make sure you get some sort of qualification. Don’t just sit around home and mope all day because you will soon get very bored and into a routine of eating sleeping and moping. If you leave school, I strongly recommend getting a solid job, or looking for a course to do. Take out a student loan, and get a qualification. Look for things you are interested in, and use the holidays at the end of school to try out different careers. Talk to a careers consultant, and sort out your future.

If not, you could try studying from home in correspondence. Make sure you have one social event a week though, as sociality is important to growing teenager. Join a sports team, get a hobby that involves other people, or even just make an effort to hang out with friends more.

Answer #4

I have to agree with flyingmsg. you go to school for yourself, you live for yourself… up till now I didnt give a..care about my diploma, or school. I’ll be 19 this year, and for me it’s embarassing that I dropped out. me being the only one in my family to not graduate makes me feel DUMB, not to mention knowing that I let my mom down kills me. but I have to say that isn’t why I’m going back( for my GED) I’m going back now, because though it’s still difficult for me, I feel like I can do it, somehow, and I know it’ll help pme to feel better about MYSELF, that’s all I care about. it isn’t my mother’s life, my granmothers, or anyone elses, but mines! you’re going to live with the choices you make. which ever you choose, good luck much love

Answer #5

Don’t drop out!!! It will be a huge mistake!!! I had a lot of prooblems while I was in high school. I had an incident happen that chaged my life. I became very depressed and had to take medication. On top of that my brother was always deployed in the millitary and I had to have heart surgery. I didn’t have very many friends. I thought about giving up all the time. But somewho I got through it. I graduated and I am now in college. I love life! I am happy and I am meeting new people and things are great! If you don’t finish school you will be working in resturants all your life. You will have to work extreemly hard to survive. if you finish school and go to college wor a few years you can be very successful and have a great life. You can get lot of scholarships too so don’t let that worry you. Good luck! And God bless you! I hope you make the right choice. You only have one chance at life.

Answer #6

Dude you have to go on,cause we all know that high school sucks! and it turns out to be a new life in college.

Answer #7

dude dont drop out…your high school diploma is gonna follow you forever..

Answer #8

just remember, it is you that lives with yourself. I dont think you will allow yourself to feel guilty about it later in life. you are a very resilient creature, nature has made sure of it. I dont live with any regret. it comes down to you. what you choose is your will, and will preceeds living. Be friend to yourself. My advice, choose for yourself, by your experience, even if that experience is your experience of another

Answer #9

You know something that can fix all of those and it’s much better than dropping out? Home schooling/Independent Studies. Anything’s better than dropping out. Even some fast food restaurants ask for a diploma. I finished my junior and senior year in less than 7 months with independent studies while working a full time job. You really should stay in school so you have your options open in case you decide to go ahead with college. Don’t drop out though! I don’t know one drop out that is happy with their decision. Yeah, you’ll get more sleep, but what about when you get a job and they want you to work early? You should really think about it. :)

Answer #10

Honestly if anything become homeschooled or get your GED.

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