Who's tired of questions asking for the Jonas Brothers' numbers?

Seriously, there’s been a billion questions asking for their phone numbers on here lately. I’m bored of it- we don’t have their numbers, and if we did, why would we give them out?

Who else is tired of this?

Answer #1

What is the big deal? The people asking those questions are just hopeful that someone out there knows their phone numbers. It could be considered an invasion of privacy if someone obtained their number and called them. I do not know why you people are so down on them. They are wonderful musicians and positive role models for everyone, especially children.

Answer #2

I’ve yet to see ANY question about them, that has ANYTHING to do with getting/giving advice. Then again, I don’t see the point of a ‘Coke vs. Pepsi’ thread either… among others…

Answer #3

jumps up an down YUH YUH! ME TOO

Answer #4

thinking so I shall… theyd be listening to ear splitting songs all day… and will see that the oompa loompas are better singers XD

Answer #5

I was thinking you should leave them with the Oompa Loompas… vicious little green haired men they are!

Answer #6

no offense to anyone here but im going to go kidnap them now -_-

O_o do you think a rain forest in africa would be suited? or should I throw them into a volcano?

Answer #7

im tired of it…but I like the jonas brothers. I just know no one is going to get to talk to them. They wouldn’t have time to talk to fans. I know if I were them I wouldn’t

Answer #8

Why would anyone want the phone numbers of some teenage-heartthrobe, patchy-facial-haired, loser-ish boys? That’s what I think of them. ‘

They’ll be lucky if they don’t start sporting a bear belly and doing commercials about proactive in a couple of years. wink

Answer #9

well I like the jonas brothers but I do agree with you why would we give them their number and most of us dont even know their numbers

Answer #10

Honestly, I am in complete love with the Jonas Brothers. But when people ask for there phone numbers that is pretty stupid. Like, seriously if I had there number I would’nt give it out because you know how annoying that would be having some stranger call you? It would be scary!

Love Always


Answer #11

omggg ! meee ! these stupidass little girls on here obsessed with them…we need to get rid of these little kids ! lol

Answer #12

who is the jonas brothers ? anyway its doing me in!

Answer #13


Answer #14

I totally agree with you.

Answer #15

YES!!! You think these kids would understand when they see them keep getting deleted.

Answer #16


Answer #17

Me me!

Answer #18

me!! im really sick and tired of that

Answer #19

Oh gosh, me. I feel sorry for them, I’m sure they have like billions of little stalkers.

Answer #20

me!I’m! omg I hate the Jonas Brothers! They’re gay!

Answer #21

I love the jonas brothers but it gets on my nerves too. I don’t like them enough to ask for their numbers. that’s gay

Answer #22

im not! im CRAZY about them and I love’em love’em love’em!(did I just say that out loud…?)

Answer #23

ya I don’t know who the hell the jonas brothers are either

Answer #24


Answer #25

Me..Whats so great about them anyways, in my opinion their not that good

Answer #26

I don’t no them but its a defo yes

Answer #27

YES!!! MEEE!!! im too tired of deleting so many of those questions… im going to have a fit… >:c

Answer #28

meee…too tired..same question all the time!!!

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