Who reads "fruits basket"?

That is my favorite manga series! Who has watched the shows and read the books? I am going to start the 16 book soon so no one spoil everything for me, I know too much already about that before I read it, they didn't even warn anyone there was spoilers!! Anyways, who else likes them?

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yay for fruits basket!

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IM OBSESSED I no some spoilers like who toruh marries but im only on the 4th book and my friend told me about what happens but I can't wait to start the fourth book and learn more about Yuki's older brother

u must read!!!

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i like anime and crap...and can draw it really well...u should meet my friend...she knows like every storie and book of like everything...unlike me, i just see a pic and ask her and she answers all my questions... (tells me the whole storie) lol =P

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well who is ur friend then? does she have an acount on here?

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fruits basker rocks youll love the ending it sooo good well anyway I have up to 19 but read the rest at onemanga.com so cant wait till you read to the last part and yess I love fruits basket love kyo !! whos your favorite character me kyo ,love fruits basket

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