Who knows people who tie their dogs up outside?

An ordinance passed where I live, Durham, North Carolina a few years ago. It goes into effect (finally!) at the end of June, and prohibits the chaining of dogs outdoors.

I, for one, am super excited about this. I used to hate when people had their dogs live outside in general, but finally have begun to understand that some dogs actually enjoy living outdoors. My knowledge of “dog pack” mentality used to make me think it was awful. But, my thinking changed when I met a friend’s dog who just loves being outside. The second you bring her in, she cries at the door to go back out. So the newest thing that bugs me is when people chain or tether their dogs outside.

Have you noticed chained dogs outside in your neighborhood? Does anyone here chain their own dogs, or live in a house with parents who do? What’s your opinion on it? I’m especially interested in those who do chain their dogs or don’t see a problem with it: if that’s you, convince me of your side :)

Answer #1

Chaining/tethering is a barbaric practice.Here in the South it is normal, people think nothing of getting a dog and then delegating it to the backyard on a chain. I had a outdoor dog once. He loved being outside and would only sleep on the open backporch. But my yard was completely fenced and quite large. He roamed freely in the yard. If you took him inside, he would become depressed.

Chained/tethered animals (the ones left out for extended periods of time or all the time) are usually more aggressive and almost every animal cruelty case I have been involved in for the past 6 months has involved a chained/tethered dog. The owners treat a chained outside dog worse than an inside dog and many starve to death. I just had a case three weeks ago where a police sergeant had two dogs chained in the backyard that she allowed to starve to death and the dog that was living in the house with her was a bit overweight. Chaining a dog removes the ability for ‘flight’ and leaves no option except for ‘fight’. North Carolina is an extremely progressive state (Asheville is the blue ribbon spot for animal welfare). If only other states would get on board.

To ichi - unfortunately most cities don’t have leash laws for cats thus no minimum enforced time a kill shelter must keep them before euthanasia. Cats are instant goners at a kill shelter as a result.

Certainly you don’t mean that a dog inside a fenced yard has to be chained. Are you talking about out in public and referring to a leash law? I believe in leash laws and do not believe in allowing dogs to roam at their will. Many owners do not spay/neuter and free roaming leads to the overpopulation of companion animals, injuries and stealing (a great problem here where dogs are picked up and used for bait in dog fighting training).

Answer #2

Ichi - leash laws are for the protection of the animals and should be obeyed. The majority of dogs left outside, off leash, will not stay in a yard.

phrannie - laws usually are put into place because the minority needs them. I live in the South and the owners who leave their pets on chains 24/7 are in the majority.

There is a reason almost all rescue groups will not adopt to people without fencing. Dogs deserve the protection and freedom to roam and run in a yard. Not everyone has to own a dog, they just want to. I would never adopt/buy unless I had the money for vet visits, good food, and flea treatment/medications. Just as I would not adopt/buy if a dog did not have a safe place to roam when outside. If I did not have a fenced yard, I would tke the dogs on long walks instead of tethering. But that is just me.

Answer #3

We have a rope outside for our dog, but we only have him outside on it when we’re doing things such as yard work. His home is in the house with us, and we do not leave him outside for extended periods of time. We don’t leave him outside alone, either.

I, for one, find it extremely cruel to have an animal live outside on a chain all year round. Weather conditions are often horrible, and I find that some animals suffer because of this. I knew a person who had his dog outside all year round, and that poor thing was in such rough condition. It broke my heart. He no longer has the dog.

With that being said, I am not against it when people have the dog out sometimes during the day. If the dog is being taken care of and it actually can be in the house, that’s fine.

I just don’t think that people should get a dog if they’re going to chain it outside all of the time, all year round. Animals need love and attention. They need to be able to run, play, etc. They just don’t get that when they’re tied up 24/7. Not to mention, they get awfully lonely.

Answer #4

Ichi - I am 100% against chaining or tethering for any period of time. If someone does not have a fenced yard…they should not have a dog. My statement was meant to explain that no one should allow their dog outside in an unfenced yard off a leash. A leash law has nothing to do with the act of chaining or tethering. We have discussed this before. They are two separate issues. Leashing does not mean tying the leash to something. It applies when walking your animal. Bottom line…we are both saying we don’t like chaining.

Answer #5

Ichi - leash laws are for the protection of the animals and should be obeyed. The majority of dogs left outside, off leash, will not stay in a yard.

I’m well aware of that…it doesn’t excuse the people who leave their dogs tied up outside all day long - I know you agree with that.

I’m fortunate enough to have a very large fenced in yard, but I still won’t leave my dogs outside unsupervised.

Answer #6

I have a german shepherd puppy & an adult, who have ruined my garden by digging & ripping at the grass, they also crap everywhere and piss like horses. BUT I wouldnt chain them up, purely because they could harm themselves. Instead I have brought some ‘retractable’ stand-alone frencing to seperate part of my garden, so they now can only go on the patio (which is very large) and the garden & grass (whats left of it) is for my two small children to play without fear of crawling in dog mess. It works wonderfully! I agree with the previous advice, if you cant afford a 6 foot fence all round your garden/yard, why have a dog?? Are they just trying to look hard??

Answer #7

* ‘I live in the hood and if you don’t have a dog, your house might get robbed. Most of us can’t afford to have a fenced in yard so we have to tie our dogs outside.’

That is the usual excuse given in court and it is one of the lamest. A dog tied in your yard does not prevent robbery. A dog IN your house does help prevent a robbery.

If you can’t afford a fence…keep your dog IN the house. It is selfish and cruel to keep your dogs tied up outside 24/7 just because you ‘think’ it will scare off robbers.

And as for the state where dogs love to be outside in the cold…it depends on the type of dog.

Answer #8

Well my dear, it all depend on where you live.I live in the hood and if you don’t have a dog, your house might get robbed. Most of us can’t afford to have a fenced in yard so we have to tie our dogs outside. There’s a state that keeps dogs outside in the cold and the dogs love it, but to tell you the truth, most women would tie their sorry “A” man outside !

Answer #9

Kennels and chains are made to let your dog have exercise when fencing is unavailable to you at your residence. Leaving your dog out for extended periods in extreme temps is not a good thing. People do love their dogs and having to chain/tether and put them in a kennel maybe the only options based on the conditions of their residences.

Answer #10

There is a huge difference between leaving a dog to live his life at the end of a chain…and having to use a tether for your dog, to give him some outside time. If a person rents, it’s unlikely they can put up a fence (or even have the financial means to do it)…From other groups I’m in, there are dogs who spend some time on a chain, but live their lives as house members. These are good, loving dog owners, who care for their dogs. They take them with them on the weekends…there is nothing wrong in my eyes with this…it’s an option.

As usual, the minority put the burden on many great pet owners, via the legal system.


Answer #11

Unfortunately utopia, I mean that any dog not under supervision must be chained - that excludes fenced-in yards where the dog has no possibility of escape, but very few yards here have fences so the tethering law is enforced.

The dog-catcher here has been known to actually enter a person’s yard if it is unfenced and their dog is untied and impound the dog…they consider it roaming.

As for the cats - everybody complains abut them getting into the gardens and garbages, but there’s no law against allowing your cat to go free in the town. my cats are all indoor cats, thankfully.

Answer #12

well I had a pitbull and also a little sister (just began walking) with this there is many diff. things and ideas and stuff that come from diff. people. like when we were out side the dog was out on a chain but she wasnt inside because shes big and she scratches the floors NO CRUELTY or anything like I am TOTaLLY for this because some people make thare dogs live outside and this can go to starvation of the dog and juts cruelty but like our dogs had the WHOLE garage to the selves (pretty big garage) and only when we were out the dogs were out. . . thares many diff. ways you can look at this but sometimes this isnt such a good idea. :)

Answer #13

Some people that live down the street have a dog on a chain. I called the authorities about it actually because they didn’t bring him in during the winter. He has a dog house, but that’s it. These people have 3 other dogs that apparently lived inside because they just started putting them out in a little fenced area. Why couldn’t the big dog get that freedom? I don’t like it in that case because the dog literally doesn’t go off the chain. It’s never walked outside its little circle. It barks at cars all day. Not much of a life if you ask me.

Answer #14

We don’t chain our dogs - we actually go out with them and watch them while they’re out since I also hate the idea of chaining a dog up outside.

However, if a dog isn’t chained up or under supervision, the dog catcher impounds them…dogs here have to be tied up and that’s the sad law (here’s the kicker - apparently people can allow their cats to roam free all they want with no repercussions).

Answer #15

My 3 dogs are inside dogs so they are never chained outside but I see no problem with it as long as you don’t hurt them. If you do choose to do so, though, you need to be very careful to make sure it doesn’t hurt them. I know of a dog who was left out on a chain for 3 months straight and his skin began to grow over the chain. It was a painful sight. I have a dog who was previously abused, also, so it’s really important to me to make sure people take care of pets as well as they can. In the end, though, I don’t think I could ever leave my little pups outside for any extended period of time. Hope this helped! :) -Paige

Answer #16

berty - exactly. Your dogs are lucky to have such a good owner.

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