Who joined for this reason...be honest:)?

Ok so be honest who on here joined Funadvice to ask just one question or to meet new people and became addicted to it…just curious so answer honestly. :)

Answer #1

hahaha So, I came across this site looking for advice! And I made an account and boy am I ever addicted. This site is awesome! And I actually feel lucky to have come across it! I’ve met some amazing amazing people on here, I talk to them on the phone sometimes. And I text them. They became some of my best friends. :) Lol

Answer #2

I joined because I have crazy depression problems and I love helping people. its part of my self-assigned healing process I guess. im actually writing a musical album detailing my life called: “The Healing Process.” lol but yea I just joined and it seems like im starting to get addicted. lol

Answer #3

Haha, honestly? I got on here to help build my self confidence and meet new people. =] and I’m still here, over a year later. xD Guess you can say I got hooked. but I met some of the most AMAZING people here. ^^ Like, really. xD

Answer #4

im here to meet new people so I wouldnt feel lonely but to also ask questions that I couldnt ask my friends or family because im scared of judgement. I got hooked and became a very curious person.

Answer #5

I joined just because I like to see if I can help give sound advice to people, and I’m totally addicted.

Answer #6

I joined because I’m always giving /being asked for advice & it seems I’m alright at it seeing as people keep coming back so. Why not its easier than dealing with most of the emotional vampire I deal with on the regular lol

Answer #7

well at first, I joined mainly because I wanted to meet more people! lol I felt sort of insecure This site though really helped build up my confidence and social skills some hehe the people on here are really cool they are friendly and treat you in the nicest manner possible. I also always have a lot of questions!

Answer #8

I actually just came on here to do the sample video for the webcam feature on the site. One thing led to another and now I’m one of the most active members around…haha. I second what Elly (aliyah0137) says though - there are some amazing people on the site, including many of my closest friends. I guess being a FunAdvice addict isn’t that bad :)

Answer #9

I get bored at home and I think its a fun site to give advice and get advice. I dont do it to meet anyone. and im on it right now cause my ps3 overheated and doesnt start :(

Answer #10

I acually went on here because I wanted to ask one question like you said but got addicted

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