Why don't a lot of guys join sites such as FA?

A good chunk of the members are females, why is that?

Answer #1

bcz they either find it boring or gay(no offense anyone) :(

Answer #2

But that’s just weird, how can you find a site packed with girls, boring?

Answer #3

Females enjoy helping and giving advice more than guys do. Girls are also really into stalking other girls profiles.

Answer #4

This just makes me want to ask another question, why on earth are girls so evil to each other?!

Answer #5

I would love to know the answer to that myself, but unfortunately I’m not friends with, nor am I, one of those girls. I think it’s an age thing. Mostly with 11-16 year olds.

Answer #6

Someone needs to figure this out soon, females are just BY FAR, the most peculiar beings ever!

Answer #7

Because they have a life lol.

Answer #8

heyyyy, everyone has a lifeee, or else we wouldn’t be here.? i think the better thing to say would be “because they have better things to do with their timee” …

Answer #9

Because guys don’t like giving advice. All the ones that I’ve met are like “Ooooh girls, sex, cars, video games” and then the girls are just like “sleep overs, chocolate, Giving advice to my friends, painting my nails :D” And, I also agree with temptress xD they think it’s super homo lol. “Advice?! D: You want me to…give…advice? eyeball twitches I’m not gay =/“

Answer #10

i’m here…i’m not gay… and i find this site better then face book and myspace lol…

Answer #11

The MAAJOOOORITY. The majority of members here are girls and the majority of guys find it gay xD

Answer #12

lol,most of advisors are”females”members either :) may be guys arent intersted on giving advice as much as girls do.i have no idea!!!!

Answer #13

HAHAH, I can say whatever I want.

Answer #14

obviously. you just sound ignorant.

Answer #15

It’s basically the same thing soccagirl =/ ‘they have a life’ and ‘they have better things to do with their time’, that is. You just sound arrogant, and like you’re trying to pick a fight.

Answer #16

They think that it’s for girls. Guys have fallen in this lie that guys don’t have any problems and are tough and don’t need any help with stuff. And that they wont help anyone because they will be seen as gay. For example i asked my cousin to join and he said “ no thats for gay dudes” Not true but sadly they are blinded :( For Cool for the ones that join!

Answer #17

XD I agree.

Answer #18

I also agree to that.

Answer #19

UHM excuse me soccagirl, you’re a btch(: Don’t tell me what to say. I don’t control your life, so don’t control mine.

Answer #20

UHM excuse me emily, you’re the btch(: how was i controlling you? yeahhhh okay.

Answer #21

You commented on my post. You’re starting shiz. Stop. Are you really THAT immature? Honestly. Grow the fck up.

Answer #22

Wow, well isn’t this a pleasant surprise, we where just discussing how evil girls are with each other, right below this post, go figure!

Answer #23

Haha love it Miggy!

Answer #24

Hahahaha(: That’s great, Miguel! I LOLed.

Answer #25

Cos guys are just too cool to ask questions, like, “oh damn, I got way too much hair between my bum cracks what should I do?” or “my girlfriend left me for my best friend and I soooo want her back HELP, but should I turn gay or what?”. On a serious note, I think it is more to do with the content of the questions etc. I was on Y&A a few months back and the site had more old farts (men) then young people and some of the questions were a bit more stimulating but not as interactive as FA thou.

Answer #26

well my dear, the fact that we enjoy it & see it in a different light doesnt mean everyone else does too! To you it might seem fun, but a lot of guys find posting advice a bit of a bore…:( I have tried getting some of my guy friends to get on & register…but they keep saying why waste my spare time giving advice when I can do something more entertaining. They rather be playing their x-box or some other games out there like starcraft/warcraft or any other game in their spare time…on the other hand, they also rather be with their girl’s rather then wasting their time talking to other girls on here.(might make their girl’s jealous a bit as well, cant blame them for that either!) Also another response i got was too many kids on here…oh well :(

Answer #27

Exactly…I hv gotten that response so many times from so many of my friends who were guys. They dont mind if it’s a bro to bro kind of advice on girls & other “guy” stuff…but hearing about other girl stuff, here a classic post…(no offense anyone) by a girl…(hi, i’m 14…I am not sexually active but I hvnt gotten my period this month, what do I do?!) or here another one…(I am tired of shaving, what should I do? Is waxing better? How long does it last?!) (They are like ..why would I answer something like that! I mean so many posts are too girlie for them to even read let alone post their advice on it. If anything they would read some other stuff and laugh about it rather then giving real advice about it.)

It sux big time…but that is reality! /sigh

Answer #28

Agreed as well…Maybe it’s a macho thing, yeah I am too cool to sound like a dumb @ss asking for advice from a bunch of strangers…that’s just weak…:P (I so lmfao at guys like that! No offense…but even the coolest of guys & the most macho guys still need advice & help from someone else once in a while…I wish they just got off their high horse & came back down to earth…I dont consider it being gay…I consider it being human! - just my 2 cents on this matter!)

Answer #29

well that would be saying the same thing about guys getting into one another’s face about things as well…all that chest to chest macho BS….”why you lookin at my girl like that…huh, wtf are you talkin about I wasnt even lookin at your girl I wasnt even paying attention…why you lying for, I just saw you staring at her…Then the face to face…Better watch it bro…now the macho answer…wtf dude…wanna take it outside…yeay more macho bs as they waste 20 mins bickering over a damn look! JFC, guys act like immature babies for the stupidest reasons…yet think they are being so macho… So, you see, it goes both ways…

Hell, I am a b!tch & I am proud of it…just means that I dont let anyone step all over me…so more power to ya for standing your ground! /claps

Answer #30

thats not true

Answer #31

sigh, another stereotype thread.. go figure..

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