Who is your best friend on FunAdvice?

Who is your best friend in fun advice???

Answer #1

oh emily you are so funny and sweet :)

thank you so much..

boyfriend’s are emmalism which I met on here and fatesarrival that is my best friend in real life :)

Answer #2

Like iamcool, Britz14 is my best friend in real life, so she’s my best friend on this. Although, I didn’t nagg her to join.

Answer #3

steph_is_utterly_mad is my best friend in real life and then I nagged her to join, but someone I know of through this site only, well, I used to have one, but they haven’t been on in ages.

Answer #4

My friend Livvie. (Liv) OceanWaves.. Be mean to her and you shall be cursed. =)

Answer #5

Well, I didn’t need too much pushing lex_icon! Have to say there’s a whole bunch of really great people on here, that its been really cool to get to know them (you’re still my bestest friend though, lex_icon! and you’re mum is right about the cool thing :) ).

Answer #6

and don’t ask me who is my best friend…you should know that…^_^

Answer #7

.. I don’t have one but that would be great…

Answer #8

I have many friends here, bestfriend I dont have,,But! I have a crush here!! (wmb)

Answer #9

my bestfriend on funadvice is jello. I really hope we could meet some day :)

Answer #10

Someone be friends with me =]


Answer #11

My bestest buddie would have to be Danbob, (He was my bestest buddy before I pushed him onto here), but there’s also a few other people I’ve made quite good friends with, like mrscobainx3, and I’ve started talking with heaps of other really wonderful and amazing people on here.

Answer #12

austin_pettis ana_antidrug miguelponce mrcos92 mik3y4fngrs

Answer #13

broadwaystar101 amblessed rockerdude23 kelseycuttie9821

Answer #14

mine’s is da1bumchick!!! :) shes the best out of all my friends !!!

Answer #15

mine is tinkkrazy_15 she helps me with a lot of things at school or my life

Answer #16


thankx bmw I just was surprising to see this and here!…thankx a lot… ^_^

Answer #17

Thanks lex_icon!


My Mom is actually my best friend in the world…

Answer #18

Mine is thedude, but he is too popular to like me!


Answer #19

Hi thedude I have friend here is maleka and she is my best friend.

Answer #20


Answer #21

Mine is Preah cause she is always there when I have a problem, she is honest and she keeps it real :)

Answer #22

Either dhooni (that’s my wife’s handle here) or esconsult1 (co-founder & business partner, as well as friend, for over six years).

How about you? Are any of your real life friends on the site, or just people you’ve met here?

Answer #23

It’s okay editor- my mum says I’m cool, and I bet your mum says the same about you! ;)

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