Who hates miley cyrus/hannnah montana

Who here hates miley cyrus/hannnah montana because I hate her so much tell me if you love her or you hate her like I do…

Answer #1

People who use the word hate, are usually people who wish the person to die…and if they do…that’s horrid.

I can say I highly dislike her and her music. It seems people have actually lost their taste in music, going the same for the Jonas Brothers, just today I saw a Rolling Stone magazine (I love that magazine until…) and I saw The Jonas Brothers on the cover, I thought “Ugh! What is this world coming to?!!!” Whatever, who cares, they are child stars that will probably, most likely fall from stardom.

As if I care, I have my own dreams.

Answer #2

Shes nast.

Answer #3

I flip off the people who ask for my signature too..which so far has been a strange old man in a doctor’s office…

Answer #4

who ever says that they HATE her just means that they just want to be like her and have all that money and all the fame. I on the other hand don’t think shes that bad.

Answer #5

I dont think that she’s a very good role model becaue of all the things she does (well maybe hannah montanna might be a good role model for little kids but she’s not even real) I agree that brittany isnt any better but still..

Answer #6

I really like her, I think she’s pretty I just dont think she can sing… 4 times in her concert she lip sank and it drove me nuts! so I left… what a waste of 267.oo heh?

Answer #7

im not saying hate im just saying im sick of hearing about her he and the jonas brothers are like teenie bopper idols all of my little cousins talk about nothing except them I dont like either of them but since I dont actually KNOW them im not gunna say I hate them

Answer #8

I HATE her! I think shes ugly and she cant sing! I cant stand her! and shes mee=an..she flipped off one of her fans when they asked 4 an autograph!!

Answer #9

hate is a really strong word… I wouldn’t say I like her nor hate her, she’s not that bad, and I have my boyfriend’s little sisters talking about her like crazy!! I just hope she dosen’t turn messed up like all the other teen celebs!! ahahaha… she really reminds me of hilary duff!! - started off with a tv show on family channel, made a cd album, made her own movie… ahahaha… I just hope she dosen’t go plastic like hilary!! (if you know what I’m talking about!)

Answer #10

I honestly don’t give a crap. I think we need to stop worrying about other people, and move on with OUR lives. Why would you HATE her? Just because she’s rich? She’s not THAT bad of a singer actually. I’d rather have my sister like her than Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton. Atleast she hasn’t said anything stupid. And I doubt she’s flipped off one of her fans before. You wouldn’t know if she’s mean, you shouldn’t believe everything you read in J-14 magazine (I read it when my youger sister got it, ha). She’s accomplished a lot more than what many teens will EVER do. So, I think you’re just a hater.

Answer #11

dude, whoever is a fan of ‘hannah montanna’ then your gay because she’s not even a real person!! I hate miley and I cant believe that in the news, they are saying that she is going to be a teen’s idol. duh. what kind of teen…? haha I hate her

Answer #12

I hate her, and I think shes a disgusting role model for young people just like a lot of other celebrities that also are

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Miley Cyrus shouldn’t be considered a good role model. Like you, katherine you are probably a good role model, you know why? You are a mother, mother should be the role model of everyone. I don’t want to get anything started but I’m saying that her almost nude photos aren’t something a child should come across. But true, she is probably better than Britney and Jamie Lynn, so I agree with you there! :)

Answer #15

I hate her too! lol!

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Answer #17

I do not like her as a person and her songs ar e not that great either, but every once and a while there is a miley cyrus song that I like, but usually not enough that I buy it . so no I dont like her

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