Who has some good fill up the space ideas, im wiriting a story :d ?

Well im writing a story about a female author. She is a popular thriller/mystery writer and at an award a newbi writer (female again xd) wins the best thriller/mystery book blah blah prize which the first author won each year. Now she cannot write a new book… She has writers block… And she goes round murdering other authors because shes jealouse and eventually wants to murder the newbie writer.. Using what she does and writing it for her book. :p but I was wondering any tips??? Ideas on what to do?? please dont steal my idea :) thankk u

Redsummer Xxx

Answer #1

I am thinking about the ending. All writes have a manager or some type of publisher. So I was thinking at the end if or when she wins the award for thriller/mystery you could sort of hit at the idea that she is going to murder some other type ok group. Like a story yet to come. Just make sure to give details on the kills but also make sure that she is not killing people all the time bc thats not always fun to read. Have her almost get cought. These are just things that could add intensity to the story. Write me if you need anymore ideas. It would be cool if you could use my now lol. Have fun writeing the story. Hope to read it soon.

Answer #2

Thx for the idea :) definatley think bout using it :D

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