Who can help me decide if my hymen broke?

I am a virgin but I was fingered last night. Four fingers! I didn't bleed while he was doing it but when I went home, there was blood when I wiped. Is it likely that my hymen broke from him fingering me?

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Yes there is a good chance. It can also break from running, horseback riding, and other normal physical activity so it is likely that it was broken before. In either case, the hymen being torn or complete has no bearing on your sexual status, you are still a virgin.

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You can tell yourself. Use a hand or door mirror and check out your vagina. You should check yourself regularly anyway as a matter of hygene. Be safe! and good luck!

Will my hymen break ? Please help
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ye there is a good change that it its broke than if there is blood it means that its broke xx

Does your hymen break when you're fingered?
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Well you might've broken it before without even realizing it. Sports like horseback riding can easily break your hymen.4 fingers is quite a lot though and I have to admit that it must've broken from those fingers or at least have been ridiculously torn. Now, that doesn't mean your not a virgin (unless it goes against your beliefs). Typically a girl is still a virgin until a penis goes into her vagina.

I need help
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how do I know what its supposed to look like if its broken or not?!?!

how do you know if you have broken your hymen by fingering?

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