Which gun should I get for hunting?

Im going to get a gun for hunting which one should I get a hot pink camo gun, a regular camo, black ,or maybe other suggestions.

Answer #1

Deer eh?

In that case I agree with desperatlynervous. You should get something in .30 caliber. A .30-06 would be nice, but I think a .308 would be better suited to your purposes. You won’t have quite the same potential effective distance and you’ll get just a little bit less power, but then you’re not going to need either for what you’re doing. On the plus side, it will be a little easier to be accurate with a .308, and it’ll give you a lot less perceived recoil. I’d look into the Remington 700 line, and unless you’re committed to open sights, a high-quality scope too.

Of course it’d be nice to get a .22 to practice with, or at least have access to one. People who start out on a .22 tend to learn a lot faster. They have virtually no recoil, and you can afford to spend all day shooting at the range. (A .22 isn’t suitable for hunting anything other than small game, though.)

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I realize that it says “or other suggestions” and I know everyone’s entitled to their opinion- I’ve defended this right for the better part of my short life; but why if you against hunting, would you enter a topic that says what gun should I get, when you fully well know what your going to see? pardon me for being so… abrupt/rude, but this person is just being arrogant, they came in here with the intent of starting an argument just to get a kick out of pissing people off. Like Christ! I wouldn’t be mad at all if they added something to back what they’ve said- eg: ‘hunting’s bad/ animals are our friends. you don’t need to hunt when there are already a variety of cultivated animals to satisfy our food needs.’ had they have said something like that, then I would have had a well natured argument, but instead they feel the need to make a exclamation as such they did, and leave at that. I’m sorry about my attitude towards this- it truly dose contradict my usual calm, respective demeanor- but if your going to make a statement, at the vary lest one should expand on why they feel that way. once again, I truly am sorry about loosing my temper above and in my previous post.

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It all depends on what kind of hunting you are going to do. I have a Savage over/under. The top barrel is a .22 short, long or long rifle and the bottom barrel is 20 ga. shotgun 2 3/4 or 3 inch magnum. Great over all hunting gun. You can hunt anything from small game such as squirrel and birds to bigger game like deer using a rifled slug. http://www.savagearms.com/24f20.htm

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The asker’s question includes “or maybe other suggestions.”

Smiley0kat’s implicit suggestion is to imply No Gun and she gives her reason why.

She is entitled to her opinion, as are you. She, politely stated her opinion without insult or condemnation.

    I hope you do not take offense,
    To that that's gone before;
    'Tis only that it's my two-cents,
    And not one penny more. §;o)
Answer #5

why did you come in here just to nark on people because of their life style, smiley0kat - god I hate people like you!

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Answer #7

What kind of hunting?

Answer #8

Its called population control, if there were no hunters the animal population would be so high that more and more of them would run out into the road,get killed and have to suffer.But if you shoot it it dies without pain. and besides I don’t care what you think.

Answer #9

depends what your hunting- but basicaly: small game- .22 cal rifle is decent for all small game (grous, rabit, goose, ext…) Big game- .30 cal rifle is reliable but not for distace, I prefer a 30-06 for big game, decent distace, and not all that heavy, compared to others.

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