Which do I choose god or my boyfriend?

Ok I went to this church thing a few days ago and the preacher was talking about distractions from god and I could have sworn he looked at me and said boyfriends count. After his preachings I didnt even want to touch my boyfriend hug or anything well I started talking to some peopl in fun mail and now I will give him a kiss but I ddont want to makeout with him anymore? Why is this? And which should I choose god or my boyfriend god it feels hasnt always been there but my boyfriend has I have prayed about this but me and my boyfriend have been to gether for a long time and every night we say I love you but at church the preacher also said teenagers dont know what love is so please help do I choose god or my boyfriend? Would it be wrong to choose my boyfriend? Please help im sooo confused

Answer #1

it doesnt matter about this question anymore guys we broke up but thanks to all the people that answeres

Answer #2

wow, well I have been a Christian all my life. From what I have gotten from everything I have learned is just basically put God before everything in yiour life. If your boyfriend wants to do something that you know is against what God wants, then it isnt worth it when you get to the judgement seat in the end. because God wants you to live for Him, not for your boyfriend. And by the way, relationships out of highschool only have a 7% chance of actually lasting through life. :) hope it helped

Answer #3

im gonna assume you are christian? if so that means that this priest is preaching from a book that is more then 2000 years old! and not even that as christianity really havent got that much to do with the bible (bible comes from the latin word biblio which means book) anymore beacause of unofficial rules set by the church to make its “disciples” fit into its idea of how the world should be! if you ask me the bible is nothing but the best selling book EVER (it IS no matter your religion amazing how many bibles that have been made/sold) and nothing more but that is irelevant to this question. christianity is as most churches would say a religion thats all about love but as long its not between humans its ok with most churches which is just stupid! love is love no matter whos loving :D and afterall how would a preacher/priest (I guess its the same?) “know the words of god”? I dont think god would suddenly one day while that preacher was sleeping come to his dreams and tell him “christian guys name here I want you to tell people to love! but they must not love eachother! only me beacause else I might get alittle jealous you know? oh and by the way teenagers dont know what love is!”

again, its just rules to make people be what the church wants them to be. some churches are nothing but fanatics and some arent!

things dont get real beacause someone tells you! not even beacause its written in a book (afterall one written by humans anyway) you can only choose to believe it its just like when people belived the earth was flat and it wasnt afterall! yet everyone though so and therefore it was “real” untill some guy sailled over the supposed edge and didnt fall (though he had to turn around beacause his crew might have commited treachery if he hadnt O.o.

so to come with an actual answer. if you ask me the words of this preacher wasnt true beacause he said so but only if you believe it! and as you say youself god havent been there but your boyfriend have! even though he might not be there forever someone else will be there when hes gone when god still doesnt do anything. so whos words do you want to be true? if you had to choose?

Answer #4

okay hun!! I know EXACTLY watcha mean… the preacher always tells us that LOL umm, if you truly love your guy.. and make sure you wont have sex< since– you know why!! lol ummm you can have both! but maybe that was a sign from the pastor… so like, maybe you should not give your FULL attention to your boyfrind- you know God wants your full attention to girl!! and thats wrong… you sometimes may feel lonly and think Gods not there for you- but he ALWAYS ALWAYS is!! I mean, he does soo much for you but you dont notice it- which is the sad part because most dont.

He has the power to tak e away your boyfriend from u- I dont mean it in a way makin God seem bad (hes not) but you get me? and hes always there prtecting you! maybe you need to get a closer relationship with him and pray about htis situation more and see what he tells yoU! any worries you have.. just tell it to GOd! you know? So, why not keep both but if your boyfriend’s startin to distract you more and makin you walk away from the path of the lord, then leave him! its for YOUR own good… or youll have many regrets later on! God knows the desires of our hearts and will give it to us, when its the right tiem!

good luck girl and happy new years! :)

Answer #5

WHEN you WANT A RELIGIOUS QUESTION ANSWERED you WULDNT WANT PEOPLE ON HERE ANSWERING THEM because HALF OF THEM DONT BELIEVE IN GOD.. SO MEANING your going TO HEAR and ANSWER THAT IS SO WRONG.. AND IM TELLING you IF you WANT TO know WHATS RIGHT I THINK you NEED TO READ your BIBLE AND PRAY ABOUT IT SEEEK TALKIN TO OTHER CHRISTIANS ABOUT IT… AND GOD NOT BEING THERE FOR U??? HE WAS THERE ALL ALONG BUT you NVER OPENED THE DOOR TO HIM.. HE CREATED you SO WHY would HE FORGET U??… “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ON AND ONLY SON FOR US SO WHO EVER SHELL PERISH WILL HAVE ETERNAL LIFE” JOHN 3:16 if your a christain please dont get mislead surrender to god I promise your life will be great..hes brought happiness into mylife something amzing you know?? and I encourage you to seek him and you shall find him…and just becus you cant c him dont mean hes not there..faith is believe the unseen, do you have faith???

Answer #6

Cant you just have both! Thats Fu@king RIDICULOUS that you would have to choose. If god is so loving and wants you to be so happy why would he not let you be in a relationship and want you to be happy?! He made us for a damn reason, to be with each other! Companionship!!! I don’t give a damn what they say but having faith and being alone is bu!!sh1t! You can have faith and still be in a relationship!!! And FYI, sex isn’t a bad thing or god wouldn’t have given us penises and vagina’s and sex drives. If the christian church wants anymore followers they better fu@king pray to god that you have sex and make more people to believe in them! But if that’s just your cup of tea go right on ahead. DON’T BE INFLUENCED BY WHAT OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU, LISTEN TO YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU KNOW TO BE RIGHT. DO NOT LISTEN TO A WORD YOU HAVE HEARD. but that doesn’t mean just go crazy on everyone, know what I mean. I don’t mean to come off as a stupid a$$, and I apologize for that, but its just not right for someone to be told that they have to be alone…

Answer #7

thank you and your the most right I shouldnt have been mislead becaue of the feeling god hasnt always helped me but I havent been the right kind of christain and I think because of what you just said im going to star being a better one

Answer #8

Honestly I do not understand how having a boyfriend or girlfriend is bad for Christians or any religion. If your not having sex from what I know its not. I think you may have misunderstood what the preacher said or he is wrong in what he is preaching. Just because he said it does not make it biblical. Maybe look for another church or preacher and ask there options on it to.

Answer #9

thanks guys that helped and themadscientist your right god hasnt always been there and a human always will be

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