Where to start a singing artist career?

Ok all my family and friedns think I should be a singing artist but I dont know where to start also I think I have a great voice but I really dont know where to start my career also im only 12 but I really dont want anyone to answer this follow your heart or your much to young please also for acting too please help me I want people to look up to me like miley cyrus and vanesa hudgens and zac efron

Answer #1

join a band, im 15 thats how I started out, myspace.com/istandbroken22 check us out

Answer #2

you should start at a swamp meet or at a restuarant talk to the manager see what you could look at MC MAGIC that how he started dont listen to anyone beileve in your self have faith

Answer #3

im just like you im also 12 wanting to start a singing career I agree with the rest of them just get your self heard like this lil girl on youtube shes like 5 or 4 and she is singing and stuff you should go check her out and thats also how soulja buy was found

Answer #4

There is no one answr to this question. The truth is that you have to get out there and be bold. If you want to start your career but dont know how to get started try singing lesson’s to see where you stand at. After that start to do competitions and shows locally. When you have local publicity then try to make a demo and send it in. To make sure that your music gets in for sure and not just passed try sending it over to taxi (www.taxi.com) and see what they offer. Once you are there anything can happen but remeber eveerytime you ask this question to a new person you will recieve a different question and its not an easy task but its not rocket science either just build up your status and go forward. Good Luck.

Answer #5

Basically you need to let yourself get heard whether that is through you tube or a singing contest its a start or you could just wait until u’re 14 years old and enter the Xfactor. Remember trying to get famous by yourself requires a lot of hard work Madonna is one of the best well known artists in the world she worked very hard to get were she is now she had lots of downs but she didnt let it stop her she worked and worked until she got her dream. I myself am just 13 years old and want a singing career and I hope to go on the xfactor in 2009 I might not win it but I would get noticed its a start. Look at people that have came second or third place in the xfactor most of them have already released singles apparently same difference are going to release an album who nos you could be the next biggest thing and remember you got to have faith!!!

Answer #6

I am also a singer I have performed a few times at school conserts, and in competions ect. the best place would have to be youtube, then advertise, post your videos on your myspace, or in bulletons.. post them on various web sites, email them to friends.

hope this helps!

this is a video of myself singing at a school consert, not very good quality but oh well, its an exsample (:


check it out! xx

Answer #7

You can compete to a singing contest, or record yourself and sell it to a pabric. lovermeforever666 is true, you can start your career on youtube, too.


Answer #8

yea really, if someone had that answer I’de be famouse right now..some people started their career on youtube..basicly, you just need to get yourself heard..that’s really the only thing you can do

Answer #9

im looking for that same answer I live in Trinidad and island country its very hard to get get attention there but I have a very good voice I know that I sang in a competion and came first I sang parang its a music with a lovely beat and you have to sing it fast it singing in Spanish and I really love to sing I wish I could get a producer to producer my songs I wrote a lot of soca songs I just want to be a singer not for the fame but I just love to sing most of the time im singing

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Answer #11

hey yea I don’t know but this would really be helpful…lol sorry I can’t help

Answer #12

I like singing and I make vids of myself and put them on youtube! you should do the same!!! checkk my videos out :] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NyOg-0zFdY

Answer #13

that is not true I’ve been on youtube and competed in contestes been on american idol still I have no singing career so I suggest that people if you want to become a singer or rap then you have to believe in youself and record yourself and ask a radio station to play it if they like it theyll talk to someone with good connection if they dont then they want response back but you have to pay them $20 sometimes more for your song to be on the radio but do what I did get a group of 2,3or4 and start writing song see if you can perform in stores clubs and other local places and then once you get heard and people like you they post comments and help you and then someone will notice you and probaly no someone with a studio or is a music producer then you guys perform for them and if your good then you start travling doing gigs and get payed 3,4or5 hunded dollars and you guys split the money and do more gigs record your music like me im working on my music getting in the store but its not yet but back to the advice when your done recording and then your music is in the people will know who you are and theyll buy your music and they play it on the radio then there you go thats your big start for starting your music career and becoming 1step closer to be a perfessional music singer

                         im almost there

you have to believe in yourself and stay focus on it never get sidetracted or get a big head because it can backfire and youll think your going up but youll be actually going down

                                jberg15 B-G-K
Answer #14

I’ve been trying break out in the scene for a few years now. I went to a couple canadian idol auditions when they were in my town, but the competetion is tough. I found this site http://www.startasingingcareer.com and got their package just a couple days ago, it a lot of reading, but I’m learning a lot. We’ll see how it turns out but Im getting excited. :)

Answer #15

Well, I personally would start by getting singing lessons either at school or at a professional arts college. Once you have done that and have got your voice absoloutely perfect, then compete in contests ect… then if you dont get noticed by this stage, send a demo CD of yourself singing to a recording company and see how it goes. I also would like to be a professional singer and I give you the best of luck.

Answer #16

I Am !4 Years Old And Want to start a career in singing R&B But I Have No Confidence In Singing InFront Of People Please May Someone Give Me A Website So I CAn sign Up And Do It For Free Please.x

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