Where to spit?

My boyfriend has asked me if I will give him a blow job, so I've said yes because I dont mind, but I dont know where to spit? And any other tips or advice?

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spitters are quitters

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well, like the person above said, you could swallow, but its a personal choice. but if your absolutely sure you want to spit, just spit it on his penis and continue sucking..it will make it more wet and slippery, and more pleasureable for your man ;)

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dont spit, swallow my ex did

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Not that hard. Go to the bathroom sink, spit, get your listerine on and your done. simple. Lol!

Should I spit it out in a tissue?
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A trash can, plastic bag, towel, tissues, floor, lol!

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plastic ziploc bag, rag, sock

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Spit it on his legs

Why doesn't he just spit out what he's thinking?!?
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If you don't mind the taste of salty fluid just swallow his cum he will
Love that. Otherwise it doesn't matter were you spit it if he is going to beupset because you don't want to taste his cum then he won't care less were you spit it out.
It out.

How can I spit out cum without making it akward for him?

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