What does semen taste like?

I have a question! Me and my boyfriend have been talking about me giving him a blowjob and well he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and if I would swallow or spit! Well what I wanted to know is what does it taste like??? Is it good or bad???

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The cum itself feels kinda warm but its the after taste that is sooo gross tastes kinda spicy lol I felt sick the first time I tasted it and spat it back out but now I just suck on a mint while im doing it lol it takes away the after taste Also I dunno why people say it tastes salty because it so doesnt!

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well I spit it out.sometimes it doesnt taste like anything.other times it tastes I don't know how to explain it lol

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Independently of the answers you get here to your question, ONCE you should taste the taste of the cum. In our age an enlightened girl cannot exist without this knowledge.

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lol..well all igotta say is eww..

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I think it sometimes taste good, especially when it is thick and creamy tasting. Sometimes it is more bitter tasting. All in all it don't taste too bad. I love how warm it feels in my mouth.

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It is indescribable. When he starts cumming, since his body temp and semen temp is straight from the inside of his body, the temperature of it will exactly match the temp inside your mouth. 98.5. So you don't feel it splash or hit your mouth roof/throat, since it won't feel cold or hot (temps match remember). What you sense is the sudden blast of an odd acidic taste exploding on your palette. It feels alive, I swear to god. It's acidic and the taste is not like anything else. It's not a whole lot in quantity, but once it's in your mouth and drizzles on down your throat, the sensation is leaves and the taste don't leave anytime soon. It lingers for a long time.

I like it. You may love it, may hate it. Try it.

I recommend a tiny taste sample first, ya know. Don't go for an entire blast deep in your mouth for the first time. You don't know what to expect, you don't know your own reaction. Put a big smear on your tongue and get the feel first.

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depends every guys cum tastes differnt and wat not ud just have to taste it to see, ive had guys cum way too much for my mouth, and then guys cum just a little, some wouldnt at all some tasted salty, some spicey, some sweet. It all just depends so yea taste it. If you dont like it dont swallow it. Mainly you can find me sitting around with a salt shaker because I love salt so I dont mind guys cum at all I love it.

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every guy does taste different and because it's unfamiliar to you, you'll probably gag on it. Some girls don't mind, but most spit. To make it easy, have water and an empty cup nearby, as well as a small towel.

if you want it to taste different, tell your guy to avoid foods like onions and garlic. Fruits can, over time, make the taste sweeter. You can buy supplements to improve taste as well, but if your guy really respects you, he'll understand spitting and just be glad to get a BJ.

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i agree all goys are diffrent my ex was spicy just try it but i always spit cause eather way it like a big goober

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In my experiences, and yes there are a lot, it has never tasted "good." Guys like it when you swallow for some reason so I always fake swallowing a little bit. They're too into finally getting off that they're not really paying attention to you anymore. It's a really bitter taste most of the time I have found and the after taste is more unpleasant. I love giving blowjobs and a little always gets in my mouth cause I don't want to pull away to quickly but I usually just finish stroking him a little bit after he has cum with one hand and spit (quietly) in the other

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Love or Like? Spit or Swallow?
That is the real answer. For many year I could not understand why guy like bj's.
I now have the answer, its a test to see if someone really loves you or do they just like you. Then again, bj's and semen are addictions. The semen is made up of natural minerals, some with properties of street drugs. They say drugs are hard to give up. And semen addicts say a hard man is good to find. A little humor, LOL

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For me its the warmth and creamy texture of a guys load more than the taste, which is quite bland, that I just love. Like caviar not everybody likes it, but to me spitting is unthinkable. For me semen is the prize. Think a warm oyster.

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like watered down phlegm
I didn't like it, so I spit
he didn't seem to care (;

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it doesn't have much of a taste. I wouldn't say it tastes good, but it's not horrible. there is variety though. a lot of people say it's either sweet or salty. but, it's not really one or the other. it's a weird taste, but you'll get over it. a lot of guys think it's sexier when you swallow, but they are just happy to get a bj in the first place, so it's not a big deal- most girls spit. I am not a picky eater, so I deal with a lot of tastes, it wasns tbad for me. if you are someone who is very picky about what you taste- I'd advise not to let it in your mouth in the first place. if it's alredya there- why not swwallow? you're going to taste it either way.

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Well I always heard that Cum can taste salty if they eat a lot of meat, sweet if they eat a lot of fruit, bitter if they eat a lot of vegies, and sometimes even spicy if they have eaten anything hot or hard on the body so to speak.
But I always thought that the food you ate went into your stomach not the testicles..
Think about it.

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I've been wondering the same exact thing and I've never even french kissed a guy before yhet so these answers are really great feedback to when that special time cumz! haha a lil' humor!

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IMA gay guy n well to be honest cum in my mouth is like heaven. And strange I love the after taste reminds me I done well.

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