Where to buy an orchid mantis?

I really need to know where to buy and orchid praying mantis, preferribly an egg sac but it doesnt matter.

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You can buy the eggs here.

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It is illegal to own, breed, sale, possess an Orchid Manits (Ghost Mantis, Violin Manits, Flower Mantis, other non native invasives) in the United States!

If you are in doubt contact USDA/APHIS which is a Federal Government Agency, the head of which can be contacted via the site and he will personally inform you that all mantids EXCEPT U.S. Native mantids, Chinese and European (M religiosa) are illegal in the United States!

The tropical and other non native invasive carry pathogens to which our U.S.

Native Trees are not immune! So who ever is telling you that Orchid Mantids are not illegal in the U.S. is most likely selling them!

There are 20 U.S. Native species and 2 introduced mantids allowed in the United States according to APHIS a U.S. Federal Agency.

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Here is a link that might help


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