Where on a dogs belly do you feel for puppies?bottom,middle,higher?

What area of a pregnant dogs(rottie) stomach can you feel the puppies moving? The lower part, the middle or up higher closer to her ribs?

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Thanks for the reply. If she were pregnant she would have been due the 7th. But I'm still not feeling anything, So its looking like shes not :( Totally bummed out. Our family was really hoping for puppies. And I had really great families lined up for pups too. But congrats to you and good luck with the whelping

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lower middle area. you wont be able to feel if there in there untill atleast 40 days of being pregnant. my dogs due on may 5th and im just startin to be able to even feel a puppy in hers.

Can I feel the puppies moving if my dog is pregnant?

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