Where can I work that doesn't drug test?

I just got fired from my delivery job so my gay boss could cover his ass… so I need another job…and I don’t have time to sober up…nor do I really feel like it. so.. Any one know some chill companies that don’t hate on the mota?

Answer #1

I work at papa murphy’s simply because they don’t drug test, lol

Answer #2

Pretty much every place you apply requires a drug test.. then when you get the job, they do random drug tests.. I’m not sure if family businesses do, though.. but you should quit anyway. :)

Answer #3

Every job you are intending on looking for requires a drug test, no matter where you go, they will have you take one. It’s either go sober or don’t get a decent job, it’s your choice. He only fired you cause he can’t have a drug user on the job. If you were in his position you would of done the same thing.

Answer #4

you can work in the shearing industry.they dont drug test.but its not the industry for pussies.its hard work ,8 hour days 7 days a week in some areas.very rewardable if you can grasp the work .shearers travel the world earning big$.I’ve been shering for 23 years .its not just ajob its a lifetyle.

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