When will eggnog start coming out?

Just wondering, when does Eggnog come out?
When will it sell in stores?

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I work at a grocery store in Toronto and we have already started selling it already. We have had it available for about 2 weeks. I work at a Metro grocery store which was until very recently called Dominions. If we are selling it then I assume that it would be available at all other major grocery store chains.

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I've noticed that in most states it comes out at the earliest: end (20's) of October, at the latest: beginnning of december.

They stop selling it in like mid-feburary...

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I thouqht it was around December...
I could be wrong,, I even tried looking it up: no luck.
but my dad drinks it a lot and he said it was December o.O
hahah hope it's sooner though.

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early november (:
and they stop around the end of january
I'm pretty dang sure.

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Usually around November (I think)

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Normally right after Halloween.

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