When will America overcome the injustice of abortion??

Saw the realtime picture of the baby on the screen in the doctor’s office with arms/legs/head/beating heart and I wondered: 1) When will we recognize the civil rights/pursuit of happiness and humanity of an unborn baby ? 2) When will America overcome this injustice of destroying human lives in the name of “choice” ?

Answer #1

Abortion in America has denied millions of little women the right to life.

Answer #2

a baby is a baby <<< - at any stage of development - if carried to term will result in a baby, not a dishrag.

Answer #3

I totally agree, it’s definately a very, very tough decision, not wished on anyone.

Answer #4

It is good to have abortions especially if you get pregnant for a gerk who doesn’t do anything and you know your going to be screwed abortions is the key to get out

Answer #5

Amblessed: one question:

are you male or female?

Answer #6

if abortions were declared illegal, there would just be a lot more prego girls flocking to canada, mexico, underground clinics, or worse- trying to do it themselves. Even if you don’t agree with the practice, isn’t it better that the mothers that make those mistakes don’t harm themselves in the process too. At least now we have sterile environments and doctors where the procedures take place. Coat hangers will never be illegal.

Answer #7

Amblessed, I could certainly agree with you. In my opinion, abortion is wrong. Life begins at conception. The unborn have inheritance rights, and whether the baby is delivered or aborted, there is legal entity. As far as I know, nobody has the right to murder. Murderers get put on trial, and thrown in jail because of a choice they made. Obviously, they did not have the right to do what they did - take somebody else’s life. The way I see it, murder is murder. There is no way to justify abortion, just as there is no way to justify taking another person’s life. In the case of rape, I believe the baby should be delivered, then the mother can have her choice. She could keep the baby, or give it up for adoption. Why rob a child of the gift of life? Why rob people that cannot conceive, the gift of having a child? Abortion is just the selfish womans easy way out. Maybe it’s just me, but I dont understand why women that choose to get an abortion should be treated any differently than any person that decides to take another person’s life.

Answer #8

I am following my belief - what I know to be true - a baby is a baby - a beating heart is a beating heart

What if you abort BEFORE it has a beating heart? A blastula or gastrula don’t really have any human characteristics…

Answer #9

Men do have to deal with the issue if it’s there child.

Men put their penis in the woman. The woman deals with the swollen ankles, weight gain, vomiting/morning sickness, mucus plug, and the pain of labor.

Answer #10

I think its horriable there killing un born children that don’t even get to come in the world that unfair to the baby that doesn’t even know what its name is its mother or father or even his family its bad now in this world most of people think its oki it not your destroying your babys life if I had a baby I would love it and make sure its healthy even if im not ready for it I will take care of the baby well I hope if any of you women/girls are pregnant please think do you think this is a right descision? -pooka

Answer #11

I hate when people claim they are pro-life, and preach about how abortion is murder EXCEPT when it comes to rape, in which “you would definitely not want to be carrying your rapists baby.” what if I definitely do not want to be carrying jims baby from that drunken frat party where we had a one night stand? what if I don’t want to be carrying my ex boyfriend dans baby? if you’re going to say abortion is murder, then it doesn’t MATTER whose baby it is or the circumstances, rapist or no, it’s still “murdering” a child in your eyes.

yay for pro-choice!!!

Answer #12

im in england we are a lot more laid back about abortions than america, but I would have to say that your choice is your choice no1 can make it for u, its none of mine or any1 eles business what others do, I, myself am pro abortion (have you ever heard of john christie), I’ve seen it frm both sides, but who am I to push my beliefs onto others.

Answer #13

Actually, I think it matters quite a bit.

85% of the pro-lifers I meet are male–people who will NEVER be faced with the situation to have a rapist’s child, or have a child when they don’t have the means or resources to care for it. Men don’t have to deal with the actual issue–they can say and think whatever they want, in my opinion, but it doesn’t involve them. If you’ll never be faced with the decision, and know this, it’s easy to act high and mighty.

Answer #14

I read an intriguing and insightful novel which dealt with these issues very well. It’s called ‘Protect and Defend’, by Richard North Patterson. It wasn’t necessarily written from my viewpoint, but it is well worth reading a) just to be entertained by a clever book and b) to examine the complex issues we are talking about here. I suggest you get hold of a copy from the library!

My view (as a Christian woman who has had two children), is that abortion is a terrible tragedy, never to be treated as birth control or a convenience, but possibly the lesser of two evils in some cases.

The novel I mentioned looks at how that line of thinking might actually work out in one particularly tragic case. I think the author is more pro-choice than me, but I can’t be sure - he does a good job of telling the story and letting the readers make up their own minds.

Answer #15

Maybe we could teach rapists to use protection.

Answer #16

Are you just looking for a fight here, or are you serious?

Answer #17

Men do have to deal with the issue if it’s there child.

-Men put their pen*s in the woman. The woman deals with the swollen ankles, weight gain, vomiting/morning sickness, mucus plug, and the pain of labor. -

I also said not nearly as much as women. Please read everything that is written before you criticize.

Answer #18

Call me when you’re a raped woman and have to deal with carrying a rapist’s baby <<<

Message: Kill the baby to pay for someone elses mistake or evil act - that makes it less of a “Life” - undeserving of the opportunity to experience life.

Answer #19


Call me when you’re a raped woman and have to deal with carrying a rapist’s baby.

Answer #20

it is not hard to submit and gain approval to foster children. I foster two now and have fostered 1 before. as for adoption, it is harder in this country. I agree that it is hard, but you are going to tell me that in my polling of over 400 people no one was able to meet adoption criteria? most of the people I spoke with were adamant about having their “own” children. quite a selfish statement, especially when you are against a very selfish act (abortion) itself. in a perfect world, where every child was loved and cherished, nurtured and wanted..there would be no place for abortion. it is a horrible practice. but what you describe is partial birth abortion and it occurs in less than .2% of the total # of abortions. it should be outlawed. and I must ask, are you against the death penalty?

Answer #21

Dtxbrian, Good verses, but the truth is most women don’t find out their pregnant until they miss their peroid which in most cases happen 4 weeks out so that is past the 21 days. The truth of the matter about 99 percent of all abortions happen because of carelessness. The two partners fail to do what it takes to prevent a pregnancy therefore it is their carelessness which leads to the unwanted child. Let me give you a verse Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”

Not only will He judge them for having sexual relations out of wedlock, but for the murder of the child they didn’t want.

Answer #22

“For the Life of the flesh is in the Blood…” –Leviticus 17:11

“But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof…” –Genesis 9:4

“For the blood is the life…” –Deuteronomy 12:23

“For the life of all flesh is the blood thereof…” –Leviticus 17:14

Four solid statements contained within the Bible that life is blood, and blood is life…

The time line of fetal development pegs the first heartbeat at approximately 18 days, and the development of the first blood at approximately 21 days.

So, to all of you who take the Bible literally, an abortion in the first 2-3 weeks of pregnancy isn’t murder, as there is no blood/life in the fetus.

Answer #23

Asking a serious, legitimate question.

Answer #24

Christian - obviously, gender matters not.

Answer #25

Abortion is not the right thing to do.. It’s not the baby’s fault, if it ever happens to me, I would have the baby and accept the consiquenses of what I did. And I wouldn’t care about the father cause I wanted s*x and I knew that this could happen.. Thats MY opinion.. But in the end we all have different beliefs and different opinions, so it’s my choice, her choice and his choice. some people have it and some people dont while some people dont even have a choice! I would get an abortion if it’s rapist baby and nobody’s by my side, but if I get all the love and support I would have it!

Answer #26

Men do have to deal with the issue if it’s there child. Its not fair to say we never have to deal with it even if we don’t have to deal with it nearly as much as women.

Answer #27

Its all choice, some people make the right one, others don’t. Just like everything else. I also think you people should respect ‘amblessed’ no matter his/her gender. The answer to the question shouldn’t depend on the gender of the person you are answering to. And ‘amblessed’ its nice to see someone stand up for themselves the way you do, I respect your thoughts even though I may or may not agree with what you say.

Answer #28

2/29/08: The niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., has used an appearance at a Black History Month event in Washington, DC, to reject the claim that her famous uncle supported abortion rights for women. Dr. Alveda King says although her uncle – the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. – accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966, the abortion group had a “hidden agenda” at the time. “I don’t want anybody to be confused by thinking that Dr. King could condone the violent death of the little babies, and the violent consequences that women suffer,” King clarifies. “I’m post-abortive myself. I’ve suffered … and it was a secret in my family for too long. And so now we’re here today to speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Abortion is a racist, genocidal act.”

Answer #29

I repeat an answer from an earlier question. I don’t think anyone thinks that abortion is wonderful. but until all babies are wanted, loved and cared for, until birth control is not a taboo subject in schools, until every single pro-life supporter adopts one of these unwanted babies… it is needed. life ends when you draw your last breath…just as it begins when you draw your first. over the years I have stopped my car at 6 different pro-life protest marches in front of abortion clinics. all the mothers pushing the baby strollers, all the many men, knowing what is right for a woman. I have stopped my car and have asked if anyone there protesting has an adopted child. to this day, NO ONE PROTESTING HAD A CHILD THAT WAS ADOPTED. put your money where your mouth is. it’s not enough to deem something wrong, you have to be willing to be part of the solution. adopt a child. foster a child. work to have birth control discussed in schools.

Answer #30

I am following my belief - what I know to be true - a baby is a baby - a beating heart is a beating heart - mock,scorn.laugh,attack away, doesn’t change facts - Your opinion of me doesn’t matter to me - His, (Christ) opinion of me means everything - the great majority of females, if not all who are Christians in the churches I attend, believe the same, so it’s not a ‘male thing’ as you try to attribute, it’s a ‘Christian, respect for ALL human life thing’ - I am not acting high and mighty as you accuse - I, like you make plenty of mistakes but I can say wih certainty, I have been forgiven.

A sinner saved by Grace

If anyone should speak up for ones who have no voice, no choice, it should be a Christian.

Answer #31

Thank you very much for your kind words, stephanief987 - I really appreciate it !!

Answer #32

cough doeen’t phase me. pro-choice, always have been, always will. :]

Answer #33

In answer to the question asked, I honestly don’t know when the country will realize the effects of abortion. I went to the March for Life last Tuesday, and was very impressed with the turnout. I am convinced that the abortion laws in this country will eventually be overturned, even if it takes 50 more years. There are enough people who know that its wrong, and will not rest until they correct the moral evil that they recognize in abortion.

In response to Tina directly above: You are absolutely right about justifying abortion in certain cases. The act in itself consists of taking the life of an innocent, which is not justifiable under any circumstance.

If a woman is raped and the rapist is caught and convicted, is it an acceptable punishment for the rapist to have his arms and legs sawed off without anesthetic and his skull crushed? Most people would consider such punishments barbaric, and the courts would certaintly consider them “cruel and unusual”, in violation of the 8th ammendment to the Constitution.

If that is not an acceptable punishment for the rapist, the person who is truly responsible for the pregancy, why should it be legal to do it to the child who never did anything wrong?

I have seen actually pictures of aborted “fetuses;” they were plastered all over Washington. For not being “people” they sure resemble babies to me. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. www.priestsforlife.org/images

Answer #34

justsearching, I’m not trying to play devils advocate, simply pointing out that being closed-minded about it is foolish. I agree that most abortions could be prevented, quite easily, by people being responsible about their actions. Unfortunately, forcing people to be responsible for the consequences has the unintended and rather tragic side effect of begetting the same behavior in the future. Think about it. I can’t say the same is true where you live, but most teenage single mothers I know were themselves the children of teenage single mothers.

Bottom line is, legislating morality never works, it only causes other problems. You can’t throw your religion in someone else’s face and expect them to care when they’ve got other things on their mind. All in all, the best time to prevent abortion is before the pregnancy even occurs.

I know too many school districts which are moving back to an abstinance-only sex-education system. How foolish is that? Do they truly believe that simply telling the kids to not have sex will keep all kids from having sex? I surely hope they’re not that ignorant. Abstinance should be encouraged, but safe-sex practices must also be part of that education. Accessibility of prophylactics is also an issue. I wouldn’t be opposed if they were given away by the handful for free in every public building… schools, libraries, fire stations, police stations… it’d still be cheaper than medicaid and HHS benefits paid out in the long-term. But, giving condoms away to kids tends to provoke the ire of people who think that it encourages kids to have sex. Again, I hope they’re truly not ignorant enough to believe that, if condoms are inaccessible, children won’t be having sex.

I don’t know. Ignorance has always risen to the occassion when it comes to this situation. I hope above everything else that humanity finds a cure for ignorance. Maybe that’s what we need to do to “overcome the injustice of abortion.”

Answer #35

it’s a really though situtation and under certian circumstances women should have the right to choose. I think you don’t understand the position a women is in when she has to take her childs life. I also think it’s wrong to bring a chilfd into the world where it is not wanted becuase it’s unfair to the child. I think to some extent it is okay but some people do abuse the right to have a abortion and I do think thats wrong. In extrme cases like rape I think it’s unfair for the women to be expected to keep her rapists baby and live with it the rest of her life. Its also unfair to the baby in that situation to. I think we take life for granted way to often and it’s unfair to take a life but at the same time its even worse to bring a child into a world where no one wants it. In Canada even adoption almost 10% of babies are not adopted and have to move from foster home to foster home. It’s emotionally draining and so unfair for the chilld to have to deal with that. About 1.7% of those children who live in the foster homes with either end up on the street by 18 or die. Is it really fair to put a child through that??? Or would you rather be given the choice as hard as it is to end a life. I think abortion should still be a option for women and should be considered a right. Women should not be looked down on from soicety because of accepting abortion

Answer #36

did it ever occur to anyone that not everyone can get APPROVED to adopt or to foster children?

it seems that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. Hmm…

Every human life has value, regardless of the circumstance. Innocence shouldn’t be killed. Innocence should be taught.

I agree people should be educated about sex and all that, but even if they are they still make the choice to have unprotected sex and try to act like a baby is nothing and can just be gettin rid of is what a lot of people are hurt by and see it as murder, just because irresponsible teens have sex and can’t take the responisiblity.

As far as getting raped, It is a very very unfortunate situation. I can’t relate to the girls who have gotten raped and pregnant, but they should be willing to give an innocence child life. The Baby isn’t the one that got you pregnant, the rapist was. The baby isn’t the one that is going to jail. The baby is innocent. I’m sure if all of you had a choice while you were in the womb you would choose not to be aborted. There are people out there who would love to adopt a child, but can’t, that still isn’t a reason to devalue human life.

Has anyone ever heard of partial birth abortion? Do you guys approve of that too? I’m sure all of you would love to see every part but the head of the baby born then the brains sucked out… try not calling that murder. Try not to call ripping their arms and legs from their body murder. If you had to witness an abortion like that or any abortion for that matter you would quickly change your minds.

If you reject the death penalty and approve abortion I would have to call you a hypocrite.

As far as I’m concerned anyone who supports abortion, not matter what the circumstance are helpers to the babies being murdered. over 4,000 voices being silenced every day. over 4,000 women being emotionally scared for their “choice”

We should be trying to make the womb a safer place to live.

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