When should puppies start walking

We have just looked at a scottish terrier puppy we would love to have, but at 5 weeks she is still not walking. She was first born in the litter, could this be a problem? The breeder says this is not uncommon. Can any one help.

Answer #1

the puppy should start walking soon.. you should get gim or her..

Answer #2

does he or she wobble?? if you go she the pup again flip its back toe the other way and if “it” flips it back pretty much instanly then the dog has good reflexes the baby is still young so I wouldnt worry just yet

I have 3 westies and a yorkie my scottie died at 14 they make great family pets

Answer #3

DO NOT take that pup!!! Pups start moving around at 3 weeks, walking by four weeks…by five weeks she should be moving around pretty darn good…

What are the other pups in the litter doing? Like how are they moving?

If the breeder is saying that there is nothing wrong with this pup, and that not being able to walk is “normal”, then please, PLEASE move on and go to a different breeder…this one is out and out dishonest…


Answer #4

yes like phrannie said they usually start walking at 2-3 weeks. So yes there is probaly something wrong with that puppy. Check out the others and if they can’t walk either then don’t believe what the breeder is telling you. Also take a look at the parents. Look for different breeders if the majority of their pups looks sick or has something wrong with them. don’t give up look for more breeders. And don’t EVER EVER EVER (I don’t care what anyone tells you) buy a puppy from a pet store or ever buy a sick puppy or one that has a problem. It can lead to other causes in the future.

Answer #5

This puppy is called a swimmer, the breeder should know this, if she or he knows anything. Is the puppy somewhat flat chested?

Is this what the puppy does?

DESCRIPTION: A swimmer puppy moves about with both front legs out to the side of the chest, in a paddling motion. They appear to be swimming when they move, hence the name “swimmer puppy”. The hind legs trail out behind with little or no movement.

The description of the puppy is flat chested, flat abdomen, the front legs become warped, moving outward and upward, the hind legs become splayed.

When nursing, the puppy usually arches its back extremely in a backward movement. They do not flex at the neck anymore.

Ok even if the above is not the problem, THERE is a problem my Boxer pups are 3 weeks old and walking all over the place. They are still a little wobbly, but even my bottle fed tiny runt is walking around. My puppies were born July 18.

This puppy may have hip dysplasia., been dropped or have a number of things wrong.

If you are insisting on being attracted to this puppy I would insist on taking it to the Vet for an exam before you purchase it. Or go with the breeder to her vet and have him tell you this puppy is sound to your face. But do not purchase this puppy out of some stupid attraction that comes from the pup not being able to walk. The breeder should not have even shown the puppy to you are offered it for adoption yet.

I have a runt that will be with me a few weeks longer than her litter mates, I will not even be offering her for adoption until she has developed to a safe point to go home with a family. I will have her cleared by my Vet first.

Good luck but I would find another Breeder.

Answer #6

I have had experience with swimmer puppies - they can be rehabilitated and grow up to be just as good as the other litter mates. But…the buyer should not do this… it is the breeder and the vet who should see to it that the rehab is done correctly and the strapping of the extremeties is in proper alignement and not too tight as to cut off circulation - I strapped a 4 week old Lab swimmer pup and within minutes he was on his feet walking and in 1 1/2 weeks the strapping was off and he ran around like nothing ever happened; ribs rounded out in about 2 weeks . With a little extra care and a whole lot of love by myself my husband and my vet we put this puppie right and he is 2 years old now and doing just fine. This pup was a very very flat and flailing - It is not a “put down” situation and attempts to rehab any swimmer puppy should be done quickly so the pup can catch up well in advancce of the 8 week milestone. Our boy is living proof that it works.

Answer #7

I personally have 3 week old cocker spaniels and 1 is not walking yet, but I am taking him to the vets to have him checked out. My pup is on the big size compaired to his 2 sisters who are walking pretty good. If you had a good breeder then they would be honest and give you all notes from the vet. I would in writting require the breeder to present papers from the vet as to the problem if any and then I would call the vet to confirm that they wrote it. I also work with my pup one on one to strengthen his legs 3-4 times a day. I also am upfront. I have someone interested in him but I said to wait until I have a vets report. Thats what a good breeder does!!!

Answer #8

I have a 4 week old puppy and he still wobbles but he is getting there so dont give up make sure the puppy walks a little dont let it sleep most of the day let them explore and they will be just fin

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