Can I be an author when I'm older?

I want to be an author but i don’t know where to start. I have written a couple of books and yer here is one.

Ralph’s Adventure The other side

By Millie Hale

“The day has come” thought Ralph. Ralph was a little spider monkey that loved to explore and try new things. His best friend was a spider monkey also. His name was Pringo, they often explored together. Ralph and Pringo were the last of their kind.

Ralph was swinging vine to vine when he saw Pringo picking berries. Ralph went down to join him. “Hi Pringo, having fun?” asked Ralph. “Yeah, I’m gathering lots of berries to eat. Do you want to help me?” Pringo replied. “Sure. Have you seen Yoshi lately?” Yoshi was a little turtle that often scuttled along the shores of the Amazon. “No I haven’t” replied Pringo. “I was thinking Pringo, I was thinking of going to the other side” Ralph whispered. Pringo gasped and dropped his berries “You can’t be serious. The only way to get across is to swim!” Pringo shook Ralph. Ralph helped Pringo pick up his berries and told him he was going to see Yoshi.

Pringo and Ralph were sitting on the bank side looking for Yoshi. “There he is” yelled Pringo. They both jumped off the bank and onto a sand bar.

“Hey Yoshi, where have you been?” asked Ralph. “Making a new home, my other home was destroyed” Yoshi answered. Pringo was sitting next to Ralph eating his berries. Pringo shared out the berries. “Yoshi have you ever been to the other side?” asked Ralph with his head down. “No, no I haven’t. Are you thinking of going over there? You know what dangers lay in that river!” Yoshi yelled. Pringo looked at Ralph with a mouth full of berries.

Ralph and Pringo were sitting in a tree. “I really want to go” Ralph said sadly. “You would be eaten or mushed or…anything” Pringo told. Ralph started climbing down the tree, Pringo followed.

Ralph was sitting on the sand by the river, throwing small rocks into the stream, whispering to himself. He looked up at the trees above him. He was trying to plan how he was going to get across. He spotted a boulder poking out of the trees. Ralph went up to the boulder.

Ralph was sitting on the big rock when he saw Pringo walking towards the big rock. Ralph scurried into the bush. Pringo sat on the boulder and mumbled to himself. Ralph went and sat next to him. Pringo jumped in surprise. “Don’t scare me like that” Pringo grumbled. Ralph apologized. Ralph stood up and walked close to the edge. He looked down, it was very far down. He looked straight ahead and saw two vines swinging in the wind.

The next day had come. Ralph sat up in surprise; he was lying amongst a lot of fruit. It was Pringo’s home. “Help yourself Ralph” Pringo said scoffing down fruit. “Thanks Pringo” Ralph said as he picked up a small banana. Pringo smiled.

Ralph was sitting on the big rock again. “I can do it, I can do it” Ralph told himself. Ralph walked over to the ledge again. He stretched his short arm out, trying to reach the vine. “What are you doing” Pringo yelled. Ralph jumped in fright. All of a sudden he was hanging from the vine “Help me!” Ralph cried. The vine started slipping off the tree.

Meanwhile Yoshi was finishing his home. Splash! Yoshi looked behind him and saw Ralph in the water.

“Help! Help!” Ralph cried. “Swim to the shore!” Yoshi yelled. Yoshi looked up and saw Pringo flying through the air. Splash! Both Pringo and Ralph were in the water. Pringo tried to help Ralph across but Ralph pulled away from him and started swimming the opposite way. “Come back!” yelled Yoshi and Pringo. They watched Ralph crawl up the bank on the other side. Pringo jumped in the water to go to the other side. “Look out Pringo!” cried Yoshi. There was a giant alligator sitting on top of the water just down the stream a little. It ducked under the water and chased after Pringo. Pringo swam as fast as he could to the other side. “Swim Pringo!” Ralph cried loudly. Pringo jumped up the bank on the other side just as the alligator snapped at him. The alligator ducked under the water and swam away. Ralph and Pringo hugged. Yoshi dived in and swam as fast as he could to the other side, to be with his friends

Pringo helped Yoshi up the bank. When they turned back they saw Ralph disappear through a bunch of trees. Yoshi and Pringo followed. They saw Ralph standing there startled. “What’s wrong” Yoshi whimpered. Pringo looked forward and saw a sparkling pool with other little spider monkies, a big waterfall and colourful insects, flowers and plants. They all raced over to the pool.

“Wow, it’s beautiful” Yoshi whispered. Ralph and Pringo were already in the giant pool, playing under the waterfall. “Come in Yoshi, It’s so nice” Ralph said happily. “It’s really nice here. I’m so glad we came, thanks Ralph. Oh look, Yoshi is already making a new home” Pringo said happily. Yoshi, Ralph and Pringo made lots of friends, stayed on the other side and lived happily ever after.

The End

it very long but

Answer #1

You can be whatever you want to be if you have will. To be honest, the story is not so interesting but you can keep on writing. I’m amazed that you can write that kind of story at this age. You’re younger than me. I want to be an author too. But I haven’t written anything.

Answer #2

Yes and no. Your writing style, technique is great. But I doubt a story about monkeys speaking would be published.

And that could bearly qualify as a book. Maybe a short story, if typed up in large print with 20 pages. Anyways, good luck. I am also searching to become an author. My friends think my crappest should be published ;l


Answer #3

I say yes. But I think that spider monkey thing, or some other wierd creature, I think thats for little childrens. You can write a novel from now. Then when you’re older, you can publish it. BTW, Gooodluck ;)

Answer #4

Okay thanx. how do you get it off the forum then? ppl dont copy my story

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