When i delete my texts can my parents still read them?

Me and my girlfriend are starting to sext...I delete my msgs but can my parents see my txts when they go and pay for my bill?

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No, your texts don't come in with the phone bill. But yes if they wanted to they could view your texts by either calling the phone company and having them send the texts to them in the mail, or they can do it online somehow, not exactly sure.

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no they can't but if you have verizon like I do then they can call verizon and get a printout of all your messages or if they have an online account they can view them like that.But my advice is stop doing it until you know for sure.

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YES! iiF they are sepecious of anything they can go to a phone store ( verizon t-mobile etc.) and ask to see all your text messages and who they are from.

my dad did it to me before but he found nothingg. Dont have any type of bad convo's that you know your dad will kill you if he found outt.

goodd luckk x333

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No, not normally. Usually your texts wont show up on the bill per say, unless they have an account online to track what your doing... I recommend you stop doing that with her over texting until you find out for sure...

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Not when they are paying the bill, but there are ways to track and reconstruct msgs. Especially if you are sending pictures.

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they might be able to see how many time youve txted, im not sure
but as far as I know the actual txts you wrote dont show up
the person you sent it to might though
also if you have a sent folder that shows all the txts youve sent then they might be able to look at them from there if they know how to

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You also have to take into consideration if your parents are the nosy type and are going to go through all the trouble of leading an investigation at your provider to see your messages cause it will NOT come on in the bill in the mail. The bill is pretty brief but not really good for tracking anything except phone calls.

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yesss! they can go ask for them at the whatever place your phone is from

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They cant see or read them on the bill. But if they have an online account, then they can go and read them!

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I believe so. But im not 100% sure :/ sorry!

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can tmobile print out your texts and deleted texts

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Faketext is a hot new app that allow you to hide your real text messages on your iPhone. Check it out at faketext.com, you can go there straight from your iPhone since it is a webapp and is free.

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