When does a fmeale dog go into heat

when does a female dog go into heat and know do I know when it is in heat

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they will go in it every 6 months it usually will go into heat in the month it was born and 6 months after

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My dogs all went into heat when they were around 1 year and go into heat around every 6 months.

I can tell because their girly parts swell up and there is noticable blood coming out.

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yeh our dog was about 1 and she was bleeding everywre we dint no wot 2 do

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my dog whent into heat at 1

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They can go into heat as early as 8 months old. there are three phases to the heat. Depending on size of dog they go into heat every 6-9 months. I would not breed a dog on her first heat, A female should atleast be two years of age before being breed. Like I said in your last quesion, I really think you should look up and read about dog breeding, all kinds of things can go right and wrong. I Just spent 650.00 dollars for my female to have a c-section and I work for the vet hospital. It takes a lot of time and care, and these babies are with you for 8 wks and peeing and pooping everywhere, and feeding them and playing with them and yes they whine. Not saying any of this to be mean, just want you to know that it is not an easy process.

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