What is your opinion on cutting?

Is cutting wrong in your opinion? (person who in pain, sadness etc cuts them self)

Answer #1

Personally I’ve had bad experiences of “cutters”. They were basically attention seeking and pretending that they were seriously depressed when actually their life was amazing and at the time I was having a pretty hard time in my life so it really really annoyed me especially as they had told me that I was attention seeking. I can understand it if you are actually properly depressed but doing it for attention is just pathetic! Also I don’t quite get the point of it when people do it just for the fun of it and not when they are actually trying to kill themselves. I’m not saying they should try kill themselves by it I’m just saying I don’t see what other purpose it actually serves. Also if you cut and aren’t actually depressed it’s actually really selfish because people now asociate it with attention seeking or an “emo” so if someone who is seriously depressed and cuts themself to committ suicide but it doesn’t work and people then see the scars they imidiately assume they are attention seekers and it just makes the depression worse! Also why would you want the scars it leaves!? Later in your life it’s just going to be a physical reminder of that horrible/stupid time (depending whether you were depressed or attention seeking) that’s going to haunt you every single day of your life! My friend did it when she was severely depressed/had anger management problems and now everyone asked what the scars are from and she has to make up a story and it just reminds her of what she used to be like. Right that’s my little rant over! lol

Answer #2

See, there are SO many reasons that people cut. Like, personally, I try not to, but I do it for the scars. I don’t go very deep EVER because thats dangerous, but I etch at it until it scars. My friend on the other hand used to do it because it helped distract her from whatever she was going through. It just depends ya know?

Answer #3

I don’t cut now I found the cure its called love but when I did I attempted to get help it didn’t work then I felt even more messed up

Answer #4

it can get worse thats why you cut to stop it from getting worse. and if you try and don’t succeed that would make the pain even worse and make you feel even worthless

Answer #5

True. But there are therapists that work at a reduced cost or based on what you earn… At the end of the day you’re paying for your life back, isnt that worth it?

Answer #6

if you’ve never been threw a depression you wouldn’t understand what its like to constantly not want to wake up you don’t want to see any light the only comfort you find is darkness an when stuff adds on to that feeling of loneliness and you run that blade across your skin and release that feeling its the best feeling in the world

Answer #7

true, but it usually does… I have stats on my side with that one… and anyhow, what do you lose by trying? it’s not like it can get worse right? and no one’s saying quit till you’re ready…

Answer #8

I never understood why people chose to cut…If you’re in physical or emotional pain why put yourself through more pain?

Answer #9

I don’t see how cutting could in any way help the situation - why punish yourself just because things aren’t going good. It seems like they would rather sit at home slitting their wrists instead of going out to get professional help. I was watching a show today and this girl admitted to doing it to get her teachers attention because nobody else in her life gave it to her so she went to that extent.

Answer #10

how can it get worse by trying to get help? and correct me if I’m wrong, but dont you feel pretty crappy already? atleast getting help offers you a chance of it getting better… you know it wont get better long term by cutting… (even you know it’s a temp fix), so why not chance it and try to get help? you really dont lose much… no one is saying you need to stop this instant… but maybe you can get to a point where it is possible to survive without cutting…

Answer #11

saucybaby - because emotional pain is a lot harder to bear than physical pain… it is complicated, a lot of the time self inflicted cuts dont really hurt that much (it really is not the same thing as an accidental cut), but yes it does divert pain…

jaz - no one cuts for no good reason, it may seem like it, but just as an alcoholic uses alcohol to deal with their issues, a cutter uses cutting… obviously it isnt a good solution, but it is never done for no good reason…

Steph - Because it is hard to admit that you need help, and sometimes it is impossible to believe that help is possible. And even with professional help, cutting (again like alcohol or any other destructive tool) is a quick fix, you just dont have to deal with the pain, no amount of therapy can replace a quick fix… Sometimes they feel they deserve the pain, sometimes people feel like their’s something innately wrong with them… It really isnt as simple as attention seeking behavior that could be solved with a little therapy…

While I do understand why people cut, I am absolutely not advocating it… It obviously serves its purpose, but just as alcohol and other drugs are detrimental to health, so is self injury… At the end of the day it isnt the best solution, and there are better, happier ways to live…

Answer #12

it would be worth that, but when battling depression you see negatively the glass is half empty, theres no hope for you, even though there is you see what I’m saying?

Answer #13

becauce sometimes talking doesnt help… it isnt easy to take something to your skin and actually cause damage… when you do it you’re desperate to get the pain to stop… (scars are really the least of your worries, and long term thinking doesnt really come in to it… surviving is the primary goal… sometimes it’s hard to even imagine you’ll be alive in a few years…)

Answer #14

I dont think that it helps in any way.. its only somehting that you think makes you in control but in reality it only makes you out of control.. Like I did it for 3 or 4 years on and off. and like the more I thought about it the more I did it.. but its a mind set… you can wake up one day and say im not going to do it because its not worth it.. or you can wake up and say I hate my life and myself and jsut gett so upset you feel like your not incontrol so you cutt to make you feel alive and in control.. But really your not incontrol at all you have lost controll. I learned that the hard way.. why do soemthing thats is only causing you more pain and hurt.. I would rather talk to someone now.. then tdo that

Answer #15

when your a cutter it doesn’t hurt it feels good when you see the blood come out it feels like thats the problem going away that sounds crazy but I know from past experience

Answer #16

no because a lot of people have their troubles and they cant take it they have to have something to ease their pain!! I was an emo but my whole family found out and it just went out of control

Answer #17

well it almost feels like a high, you get a rush that only pain can give you. you watch the blood and it feels like that is your pain just flowing away. its hard to explain. it becomes addicing.

Answer #18

hmm but I should make it clear… nicklovescourt - I may get where you’re coming from, but it is possible for it to get better…

Answer #19

when you cut that problem that your cutting out is gone forever its like a high it feels good so you dont stop because you start to depend

Answer #20

Thats enough to make my stomach turn. I guess its something us non-cutters will never understand, and I’m fine with that because I’d never want to put myself through that.

Answer #21

I think that by cutting its diverts the pain that they already feel

Answer #22

Cutting doesn’t make the pain go away. I did it before and it most definitely Effing hurts and doesn’t resolve ANY emotional pain but adds to it. Cutting yourself is NOT in any way a survival technique. The only way it’s a survival technique is to get attention and someone else force you to go to therapy because you won’t go yourself. It’s a call for help, not a release of mental pain.

There are many centers that offer free mental health services. Been there, done that. Therapy and counselors are most definitely the better way to go. You’re obviously having a hard time coping, so don’t do it alone.

xox Sika

Answer #23

I think that cutting is so wrong. Seriously, what is there to gain? Does hurting yourself make the pain go away for a second? More like it distracts you from daily pain to focus on a new one. Sure, I have no say in this because it’s another person’s decision. But seriously… Why hurt yourself? Hardships always tend to be the answer, but with a little bit of work you can learn to overcome that. Mourning and cutting yourselves is never a solution. Because no matter how bad you’ve got things going in your life, someone always has it worse.

Answer #24

when your a cutter it doesn’t hurt it feels good when you see the blood come out it feels like thats the problem going away

But how long does that happiness last?Not very long. Why not just go get professional help and the pain will be gone for good.

Answer #25

usually, I beleive theres no reason for it and those people could have gotten the help they needed without resorting to cutting themselves but its just another way to release pain, it numbs the pain they already feel, and releases it…I guess it would help some people deal with there problems in there own way but a lot of people doing it nowdays really have no reason to

Answer #26

Like the saying goes time heals all wounds but when you cut you’re left with permanent scars not so? And then as your life continues you will always have those scars to remind you of that tough situation you were in that lead you to cut..And then you have to find ways to cover/hide the scars left from cutting…So its like why go through all that drama…If you have a problem keeping it to yourself is quite dangerous..why not talk to someone about your problems like a friend, teacher, close parent or a professional counsellor..

That’s just how I see it

Answer #27

yah but that one also cost alott of money that you don’t have

Answer #28

it is proven that it realeases hormones that cause pain to go away addicts usuallt turn to it to avoid withdrawal

Answer #29

The scars are rather unattractive.

Answer #30

no. its their choice…

Answer #31

I don’t hide my scars I wear them as I wear my skin they show me that everyday what I made it threw

Answer #32

Clearly its harming yourself, how could anyone say its not… Sounds like you need to do some research about the human body.

Answer #33

im not a cutter anymore I gave it up but it did help with what I was going thru

Answer #34

in a physical way, yeah but in a mental way is healing

Answer #35


Answer #36

people see cutting as harming yourself its not it helps

Answer #37

I admit there’s a lot of bad therapists out there, but finding the right one can help a lot…

Answer #38

it is possible but you have no reassurances that it will

Answer #39


Answer #40

yah but they remind you that the past is real and will always be there

Answer #41

by cutting you deal with it

Answer #42

Self-mutilation / Self-injury is wrong - seek other ways and/or professional help to help you cope with problems - by cutting you do not get rid of your problem/s forever - they’ll still be there until dealt with.

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