Whats so bad about a drug dealer?

Why is it so bad to be a drug dealer?

My cousin is a drug dealer/gangster he stoped doing drugs for his girlfriend but now sells them hes gotten into trouble with it,-people wanting to kill him. && the worst part is that hes only 15 !!!

The thing is that me and her are trying to convince him to stop, he knows its bad too but in order to that his girlfriend needs to give him good reasons like getting arrested && stuff.

So how should we do it, & hopefully she wont leave him, he loves her & we are trying to make him stay in school & not leave for just quick money. because we think hes going to do it for life.

What are your opinions? Please help us !!!

love, Melody.

Answer #1

Ruins lives, cost lives, destroys forever relationships, families, friends, futures, and everything that was ever important to a person, often leaving them an empty shell, unable to function - hopes, dreams, dashed - that’s whats so bad, just to name a few !!

Answer #2

I think you, your family, and him should all go to a therapist and just work it out

Answer #3

he does need to stop what hes doing isnt a job, its illegal and it could cost him his life drug dealers are usually involved with crime if there not (which is rare) then the people buying them from him are usually involved with crime money is something the people will kill other people for and money to buy drugs is also something theyll kill for obviously he needs to be getting the drugs from somewere and were hes getting them would be from another drug dealer, or a person in a drug ring, ect these people are involved with things like crime, illegal ects, stealing ect and buy buying drugs from them, your helping support what there doing your funding it thats another reason why he needs to stop that and for his safety, the safetry of his family members and friends, his/there life and so when hes older he might have a chance at getting a real job

Answer #4

my brother was a drug dealer. and it tore me apart. he cared less. he wasn’t himself. it scared me. contact the police about the threats or if worse comes to worst, move.

Answer #5

oh man, when I read this question, it made me pause for a minute…I’ve had experience in this area. if this kid is only 15, thats terrible! you and his girlfriend should try and do an intervention. lol it sounds retarded but im serious, threaten him with different stuff. His girlfriend should threaten to leave him if he doesnt stop. I agree with the other people who have answered, tell him about how hes ruining other peoples lives by doing this.

good luck…

Answer #6

yo b let your kuzin do what he do he gettin money and thats tha most important thang in life trust me im livin that life as well he just cant be scared

Answer #7

He should definitely stop ASAP. In the past 5 years, all of my friends who were dealers (some were merely petty dime baggers while a few were raking in thousands of dollars every month) are now in jail. If your cousin lives that kind of lifestyle for too long, something bad will definitely happen…that’s just the way it is with doing that kind of stuff. My one buddy Mike got his house raided and robbed by thugs and they cracked his skull open with baseball bats…I’m not even joking. Mind you, in order for him to stop doing this: not only does he have to understand that he’ll really be doing himself and everyone that he cares about a huge favour, but he will have to stop hanging out with his drug dealing buddies which will not be any easy thing to do.

Answer #8

Good thing you are there for him and you are constantly reminding him to stop. But I believe your cousin’s parents and other older relatives can also help in convincing him. Since he is a minor, you can also ask the help of the local authorities to rescue him and bring him in a shelter where he can receive counseling. Your cousin may have been brainwashed by the gang, and what I know is that once you enter in any gang, there is no turning back. Your cousin may also be afraid about what the gang can do to him if he quits. So better, inform the proper authorities so this can be stop. And your cousin also needs to have protection and counseling so he won’t get tempted to do it again.

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