whats keeping me from landing a skateboard trick

when I do a kickflip,I can flip the board,but I cant land,I can only land my shuv its with 1 leg.whats keeping me from landing,am I scared?

Answer #1

It could be nerves. But on a skateboard you have to be careful with the way that your moving your leg otherwise you could hurt yourself

Answer #2

The fact that you guessed that proves that…yeah you might be I know it sounds lame but practice and REALLY concentrate on what your foot is doing when you land so you can see your mistake

Answer #3

ok try jumping higher when you do your tricks or if you always land with your right foot on the board make sure your left foot lands on it no matter where your other foot is or vice versa

Answer #4

probably, you might be afraid youll hurt yourself and dont want to finnish the trick or you might be doing it wrong if you want to land a trick, stick to it and make your you keep your weight centred keep the board under you, when you flip the board, make sure its still directly under you so you can land on it with both feet just keep practicing, you can land it but only if you keep practicing and make an effort to land with both feet on the board when you flip dont bring your other foot to far away from the board keep it close to you so you can land it and when your going to land try to get both feet over the board

Answer #5

Alright with the kickflip sense you know how to flick it we don’t need to talk about that and if you want to land it practice trying to jump forward with the board and try to pull your feet under you right after you get the flip and with the pop suvit as I said before your just going to practice bring your feet with the board.

Answer #6

Maybe it was because you’re scared it’s going to hit your shin,like when your doing a kickflip you have to make sure it completes the full spin so it won’t land side ways and ur try to land and your foot slips and you land on your shin…it hurts

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