Why did my period stop if I'm not pregnant?

I have been late on my period for 3 months. Then this month I didn’t have one at all. I’ve taken two test which both came up negative. So if I’m not pregnant what else could be going on!? Is everything okay?

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kittikat, I have hypothyroidism and my dr thinks that it’s causing my pregnancy symptoms, since my urine test came out negative. Can I ask you, what symptoms were you having?

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Well I am having the same problem at the moment. Im 16 and have lost over a stone in the last 2 months and ever since I havent had a period. I am worried but dont want to put the weight back on. But yeah, your periods could have stopped because of weight loss like me.

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Heeey all (: Im 16, 5’3 and 6st 10. I have been eating a lot less than I used to, leaving out sugar for the past 3 months. My periods stopped about 2 months ago and im really worried that they wont come back. My family are worried about me, but I dont want to put on any weight. I dont wanna be 8st again! Any tips guys? Anyway back to the question so your periods could have stopped because of weight loss, if you have been dieting or excessive exercising that all could have an effect. But stress is also a cause.

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Well I am almost 30 and my period was really light last month and this month it just went away.. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and have lost weight but had pregnancy symptoms. Took tests to be sure all negative.. And periods going away is a symptom so ladies sometimes there is a reason for missed periods so seek medical help cause it could be serious… I’m glad I did and got answers… Good luck ladies..

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I’m 34 have started trying for a baby but now my periods have packed up altogether. Excellent timing. Where have they gone? How am I supposed to count my cycle days when I’m not cycling anywhere? It’s hard trying to stay randy all the time. I’d rather know when are the best days to get jiggy rather than getting jiggy all the time on the off chance. My boyfriend is gleefully unaware and thinks he’s Heman. I’m exhausted. Help.

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If any of you are worried go to the doctors if your embaressed About request to see a female doctor but I wudnt I didnt have a period for 2 years. If you are you have been stressed, lose or gain weight (its more common if you lose weight) excersise to much or take drugs your periods are likely to stop for a while also if you have been on contraception that normally stop periods eg the injection it will take a while some times a long time for your periods to come back again.

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Hi nicoleh, If you are worried about missed periods, know that it is common to skip a period once in a while. If you are sure you are not pregnant, the missed period could be due to:

stress, travel, sudden weight gain or weight loss, or increased levels of exercise (missed periods are common in athletes).

Your period should straighten out in a month or two. If it does not, see you doctor..

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im 12 and my period started last summer when I was 11 and its stoped da whole summer and this summer I havent gotten it for june or july and I have the same weight I don’t know why but it also seems that when my period is schelued and ders like spring break during that week I dont get it until next MONTH how could school be causing it lol but siriously whats wrong with me

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I am 29 years old, and I have two children. This is the first time that I have been this late on my period, and have not been pregnant. I have taken at least 9 pregnancy test in the last week and they all came out negative. I too, have experienced symptoms of PMS, such as cramps, mood swings ((mostly crying)), and headaches… but still no period. Not only have I had symptoms of PMS, but I have had symptoms of pregnancy, such as bloated belly, exhaustion, and sore nipples/breast.

This has been very nerve racking for me, mostly because I don’t believe I am under any abnormal amounts of stress and I have not gained weight. Although these are the facts, I have started a new medication in the last 6 weeks, and I quit smoking too. So, this is my only reasoning behind the “missing” period…

My only advice to young and older women, seek professional help… Do not wait until it is so long and it turns out to be something life threatening! I saw my GYN and she told me that my body is just changing, and it happens to some women… Even though she told me I would be fine, I still want it to come… How IRONIC, for last 17 years I have wished my period away, and now I want it back!!!


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A woman knows when her period is coming…she no longer smells fresh and clean. This is how I know I will get it, but this time with the scent no period came. Odd. I havent taken a test yet…

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Hey Ladies Im 29 and I’ve havent had my period in 4months, as a teenager mine were so irregular and painful it wasnt even funny, but right before my period ceased it was ironically regular. So like any woman all the thoughts tumbled in my mind am I prego?? So I took tests left and right even had a few done by bloodwork nothing it was negative so not only am I a train wreck from all of that emotional stuff I still need an answer.. lonnng story short.. I saw my OBGYN, and she has diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome aka PCOS.. Problem is this PCOS generally develops in young teenage girls who can be overwieght that maybe the criteria however not always the case some skinny girls can get it to.. also this PCOS is a condition that is generally overlooked because not a lot of doctors know about it so if you havent had your period in several months, had eratic periods, skin discoleration aks as skin patches that are darker usually around the thigh area or where skin rubs together, sometimes skin tags will appear, acne as if your 13 if your not still a teenager, weight gain that comes on with a quickness and doesnt come off.. You get my drift.. as other woman have said GO SEE A DOCTOR!!! Also with PCOS you dont always have to have the little polycysts on your ovaries. I am currently waiting for my doctor to certify me for a surgery called a Laproscopy where they can go in and see whats going on. I hope all of you girls can find out whats going on. All my best. CEV.

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I don’t have any answers to these questions but I am worried as well. I havent had my period since october of 2007 [mind that its january of 2009]. I can’t go to the doctor without it showing up on my health record and I dont want my mother to know because she doesnt know that I am sexually active. Obviously I’m not pregnant. I’m not experiencing “pains” either. I am a little scared that I may not be able to have children… please tell me that its something else.

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I havent had my period in 2 YEARS and Im 15!!! I used to have them for about a year then they just stopped all of a sudden. I dont know if something is wrong with me or not. But im not too worried about it because at least I dont have to endure the pain I once did when I had them :P But im wondering if it could be a serious problem or just normal.

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I haven’t had my period for about 1 month and im only 13 years. im still getting my preiod pain like (xxmeggxx) But nothing more.. my really confused, and scared aswell!

I love sports and everthing !!! during the month I’ve put on weight and but now reduce it… I want to know is it normally for my age (13). please write back thank you anyone..

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I haven’t gotten my period in 6 months and I am starting to worry. I do not have an eating disorder, but I have been losing weight irregulary. For a month or two now I have been experiencing “fertile mucous” but no period. I am not sexually active either. I am hoping that since now I am back to my ideal weight, I will son get it again.

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Girls go see a doc. you should have one every 28 days if you dont that means your ph is off and when your ph is off that is if your not prego (some girls become prego and dont know it from low hcg the hormone that shows you are so go to the doc to make sure your not ) but if the ph is off this means there are signs for cancer and othere harmful things going on in your body most things can be fixed with just some over the counter ph leavel med check it out !!

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I had mine for two months straight and then it went away for six months. eating disorders are a common reason. stress or anxiety can stop it as well. also, some forms of birth control pills can make your period irregular again. you may not want to go see a doctor but it’s probably for the best. good luck.

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I went through that as a teenager, and so did a lot of my friends. It sorted itself out once I was older, by the time I was 17, it was pretty regular, but not perfect until I was in my 20s. I also have 3 marvelous kids AND cysts on my ovaries. So, don’t worry, just keep track of it. And MAKE SURE when you do eventually have sex, you use protection, as you can get pregnant very easily as you won’t really be sure when you are ovulating.

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Hi I was told I’m anorexic and the last 3 months I haven’t had my periods and there’s no chance I’m pregnant can someone help as I’m quite worried :(

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