What's the difference between a motto, a slogan, and a quote?

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A motto, is something said about a being, or something a being says as kind of like a trademark quote. Buzz Lightyear's motto would be 'to infinity and beyond'. A shop can also have a motto, like 'to first and foremost serve our customers well'. A slogan is something maybe put under a company logo for example Price cuts 'cutting prices, so you can get a better deal' would be their slogan. It's different to a motto, as the slogan is printed for people to see whereas a motto is uttered by employees as a kind of cheer. A quote is something somebody has said that has either held great meaning or is clever or funny etc Celebrities are often quoted on things they say so that we can read it and laugh at them or for gossip. If you were to copy and paste this whole answer and show it to someone, you could extract bits and they would be quotes by me. It's pretty much something somebody has said or made up and put their name to.

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