Whats better? Brittish Tv, Or USA?

Answer #1

USA <3

Answer #2


Answer #3

Have you seen brittish tv? if so.. what shows?

Answer #4

Have you seen brittish tv? if so.. what shows?

Answer #5

It’s spelled “British.”

Answer #6

soz.. Haven’t slept in a while.. like 5 days=/ *British.

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Answer #8

Over here in Australia, we get the best of British TV and what seems to be the worst of American TV. Australian TV is not much better. Programs like “Neighbours”, and “Home and Away” are very popular, but they are garbage.

Answer #9

No problem, everyone has occasional errors.

Answer #10

I’m trying to raise the issue of, over here in England.. we get EVERYTHING from America.. but they get hardly any of our stuff… so I wanted to know.. what of the limited British tv is good.. but.. I guess I was kinda wrong for not including Australia

Answer #11

we have no british tv shows here other than BBC and britain’s next top model/make me a supermodel. so i cant really compare. :S

Answer #12

seriously british humour is far more advanced than american. i cant remember 1 american show that made me lol. only fools and horses is classic and rips all other comedies arse.

sorry tell a lie. the fresh prince of belair was wicked but i still can remember episodes that didnt make me lol whereas only fools and horses made me lol every single episode. lets look at some of our soaps. eastenders and coronation street (which is the longest running soap ever). i dont watch them but id rarther watch them than american shows because their more intresting. there are a few american shows i like… buffy, charmed and the original 90210 but given the choice id still rarther own a show like only fools and horses on dvd. taggart and cracker are long ago shows, lost but not forgotten.

Answer #13

to me its close but i’d have to choose English T.V simply because im loving all of the shows ATM e.g-misfits, skins, shameless,eastenders, coronation street, hollyoaks, big brother, the inbetweeners…but i still do watch American t.v such as glee, 90210, friends-STILL!, family guy, 8 simple rules, one tree hill,ugly betty, the vampire diaries. but each to their own :)

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Answer #15

well, the programme, shooting stars is not clever but its really funny.. but i doubt americans would get it=/

Answer #16

care to explain?

Answer #17

Skins and inbetweeners.. oh yeah<3

Answer #18

i love that show lol

Answer #19

Ya’ gotta love Vic and Bob<3 they’re take on Randal and Hopkirk (deceased) back in 2000-01 was good too.

Answer #20

i agree totaly, british tv is by far superior.

Answer #21

BRITISH! Just seems more modern/advanced! I dont know why, the humour is just so much more…better is the only word i can think of haha!

Answer #22

and no so OTT, or immature.

Answer #23

I prefer British humor. Not saying I prefer tv there since I haven’t seen many shows from there but I prefer the humor. In Britain they seem far less serious and have more of a sense of humor than Americans do. It’s part of the reason why I kinda want to move there. And Britain has great shows like Skins where they aren’t afraid to show anything too hardcore lol

Answer #24

LOL i love your name BTW :)

Answer #25

Thanks^_^ lolz

Answer #26

Yeah, Skins is quite Hardcore^_^

and Our Humor is slightly more.. varied.. also.. I think.

Answer #27

Yeah, I totally get what your mean.

Answer #28

Do you have comedy from the BBC?

Answer #29

Yeah. Inbetweeeners and Shameless are quite decent shows too from what I saw but nothing beats Skins. Recently at my school I saw a guy who looked like Cook from Skins. He was hot lol. By the way is Effy really your name like the character Effy? That’s pretty cool

Answer #30

Well. yeah.. cus the full name is Elizabeth, plus my friends all started calling me cus Apparently I’m like her (minus the ‘hardcore’ stuff) O_O so it all started with my friends instead of saying Lizzy. Saying Effy.

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