Whats better xbox 360 or ps3

Please tell me anyone who has a console

Answer #1

xbox 360 is way better than the ps3 and the wii

Answer #2

I own all three of the current consoles thanks to working in the uk’s biggest game shop meaning I get a nice discount :)

my personal preferance by far is my 360, to be honest the other two just sit there gathering dust, my reasons are:

way way more people on-line with 360’s for multiplayer gaming for the kind of games I like the 360 has more the 360 has more games in total its cheaper nearly all of the so called “exclusive” ps3 games have already or will be coming out on the 360 with the exception of one or two, where as of all the 360 exclusive games there are only a handfull which will come out on ps3

the wii doesn’t really count as nintendo themselves say it is not inteneded as a serious games machine it is mearly ment as a “fun for the fammily” type machine and is ment to compliment another proper console., and that comes from our nintendo rep!

now the ps3! for starters we sell about twice as many 360’s as ps3’s but thats just our shop. also ever since microsoft admited the massive co*k up about the overheating and fixed all the chipsets etc… the 360 is exactly as reliable as a ps3

also here in the uk sony may have dropped the price by 50 quid which is still more than a 360, however in saving 50 quid you loose 20gb hard disc space 2 usb ports all the memory card slots ps2 backwards compatability

as I said I can only talk from what I see and experience but for me 360 wins every single time

and that goes for the vast majority of our customers as I’d say roughly 80% of those who come in to choose between a ps3 and a 360 leave with a 360

also having has a 360 since launch I did experience the rings of death back in the bad old days and can I just say I found microsoft extremly fast and helpfull in getting it sorted

Answer #3

PS2!!! lo heaps of games old but trust wothlry if you wont something that doesnt brake go for PS2

Answer #4

I have the 360, I love it. but I have to admit a lot of people complain about em. mine has given me quite a few problems but it still works. havn’t really heard anything bad for the ps3 except for the fact that there’s more games out for the 360. but the ps3 is more expensive too. I’d go for the 360, more people have it for the online play

Answer #5

go with the ps3 they rock I stay up all night playing myne

Answer #6

will I herd bad things about that

Answer #7

neither… a Wii is better than all of them!!!

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