What is better ps3 or xbox 360?

I bought an xbox 360 but everyu one is telling me that ps3 is better than xbox 360. I don’t see any difference, do you?

Answer #1

Xbox360 my brother is addicted on he’s xbox360.

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Answer #3

I don’t rate the ps3 that much to be honest with you. And my brother in-law has been playing the ps3 but tried the 360 and now has serious regrets about which console he chose.

Though Sony do a good job of competing I’d say you have to bare in mind that Microsoft corp is a power unto itself. The bulk of what they do is computer tech. Sony have got their fingers in so many pies that I think they run the risk of a lack of focus.

Of course this is just my personal opinion but I think you made the right choice.

If you visit xbox.com you can see all the fantastic stuff in development at the moment.

Answer #4

wii cause better graphics better games has wii live and internet and has more giga bites. the 360 is garbage graphics and gay games like gta 4 and gears of war

Answer #5

The key differance isn’t between the consoles, but rather between the games on them. I’d go for the xbox.

Answer #6

xbox 360 is better hasb better games and online so 360 is better then ps3

Answer #7

xbox 360 mate,

Answer #8

xbox has better online but ps3 has greater graphics but I would totally take xbox before ps3 anyday

Answer #9

between 360 and ps3 you must think (im not biased) but the ps3 has a few good titles like rachet and clank, resistance and probly more (im a 360 person) and but 1 of its biggest flaws for the ps3 is that games from japan also come to the ps3 and games from japan all follow all similar story lines and arent the best in the world which kinda draws back on the ps3 never reaching all the simulated gore-fest know you can kill entire army over and over as much as you like ad then go online and then start pwning noobs at games like halo but then it has its good sides like it has better graphics which shows in motostorm series and other games and not to mention 1 thing the 360 lacks, free online. now for the 360. this console has been out for years unlike its opposite the ps3 even tho it doesn’t have free online. it adapts and grows taking on persona’s that it makes into slightly its own thing like the mini’s (the thing from the wii where you can create a mini person ahhh cant remember the name) and you can play games from the xbox on the 360 unlike the ps3 the 360 has been around for the past 3-5 years long enough to install itself into american lives and long enough that their are more games like it halo, gears, and yes since its Microsoft its been compared to the god system the PC (-> since everybody has one unless you have mac then you suck PC is better) im probly missing a lot of things but then feel free to add on but so in essence the 360 is probably the best but no free online =( that makes me a sad panda and I dont feel like going thought putting in the proper commas and periods so gl

Answer #10

Xbox 360 > PS3.

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