What would you do if someone on your team was bossing you around?

There is a girl on my volleyball team and she is a total snob. She thinks that she’s the best player on the team. The coach will tell me something, and maybe I won’t understan. She’ll say it to me and boss me around! I’m just as good as her, and it’s getting very annoying to the whole team! What should I do???

Answer #1

She’s the coach (in charge) you have to respect that - if she is abusive, report - if the situation is too stressful, quit the team…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

Amblessed- I believe she was referring to the girl, not the coach…:)

Don’t stoop to this girl’s level. You need to ignore her, that’s the best thing you can do. If you say something to get back at her, or do something you shouldn’t, even if she provoked the situation you will still get into trouble as well! If you’re as good as her you don’t need to worry about her snobbishness. It doesn’t even really matter if she’s better or your better. Teams work together; they don’t fight with their own teamate. If this girl keeps bugging you ask her nicely to stop or say “Thanks, but I don’t need your help. I’ll ask the coach so I know exactly what she said..” If she still irritates you, talk to your coach! I’m sure she’ll help you.

Answer #3

People like that are called Self Righteous, just do not pay any attention to her & try & enjoy the game & day, if she continues then just say if I need anyone to explain anything to me I will ask them & it wont be you it will be the coach, but thanks anyway, smile to her & walk away!

Answer #4

Just ignore it, I’ve seen a lot of girls do that to other people. She’s just trying to get too you. a lot of people have big ego’s. So SOMEONES probably telling her she is good. She won’t make it out of highschool. College students will tear her up. If you can’t stand it any longer either talk to your coach about it or talk to her face to face.

Answer #5

Well when I play volleyball and sum chikk thinks she’s better then mee then I just peg the ball at her head ^_^ I done let anyone tell me what I can and can’t dew soo b assertive and freakin tell her off and prove that your just as good its simple as that !!!

Answer #6

Just take it easy. These things happen everywhere…

Answer #7

confront her! don’t let her think she’s your boss! stand up and speak your mind and then she’ll shut up

Answer #8

you politely tell her “if I need your advice, I’ll ask for it”

and do what you need to do.

Answer #9

listen to suzyboo. its pretty good :D

Answer #10

Or you could just show her up, prove your just as good but don’t rub it in because then your stooping to her level.

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