What will our baby look like?

What will our baby look like when its born

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Oh, you meant 'what traits'. You can't tell a lot about that when it's first born because he or she may have one eye color but, sometimes, that changes later. The same is true with hair color and other features.

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Can you be more specific?

I know this much, he or she will be red and slimy.

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Sorry...not to be rude...but...

How would we know? You don't even have a picture up and even if you did...we're not psychics. Only thing you can do is wait and be surprised :)

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how do I find out who my son will look like before he is born.

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go to MorphThing.com upload a pic of you and your husband, fiance, semen donor, whatever you wanna call them, click morph child and it will give you a vivid but not precise pic of what your baby might look like :)

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You have tell us certain things:
#1 what the father & mother look like (traits like eye color, height, hair color)
#2 What each of their siblings and parents look like (same sort of traits)
#3 what each of their siblings and parents look like
#4 Traits known to run in the family
#5 ethnicity would also help.
With this information, you can fill out a Punnet Square and fiqure out the odds of what the baby will look like. It is babsically all probability.

Another way, is to have scientists take a sample of your DNA. This will still end up as a percentage of probability, but it is much more acurate. Those tests would cost a lot of money.

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If you truly want to see what a newborn looks like, there are a few birth shows on discovery health and TLC that show what they look like. Or you can pick up birthing videos at your local library that show it all. Usually when they come out, they they are greyish and covered in a mucousy film. Sometimes there is white cottage cheese looking stuff all over them. Also sometimes they have a cone shaped head. They don't look like what is on TV. As far as traits go, you won't know until he or she gets here. Sometimes your doctor can catch a good profile in a sonogram that will tell you what their face shape will be.

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Also, many people who have misconcieved or their child died young will get a DNA sample of the child so they can create a picture of almost exactly what the child will actually look like if it grew up and had an average nutritional diet. It looks like a picture that you would get for a yearbook.

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very very soft, squishy, grayish or very pale, mine had a full head of thick hair, all over her ears and shoulders, tiny!

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