What will happen if i run away in tampa fl?

I wanna know what mite happen I hate school & dats why I wanna run away . Like wea can I go ? I just need to go sum wea intill school in over wit

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I agree with "ty" again 100%

Obviously your pissed off at something or someone...taking it out on other people pr school is def not going to solve anything...and who in god's name said anything about "us" having it any easier in school???
Some of us were bullied, some of us were teased...for one reason or another...if not by children then by teachers...but if we would have become as defensive as you & try to manipulate others while in the long run just hurt ourselves...nothing would have changed!!!

I too have a Learning disability, dyslexia...I had fooled my way through school only because I didnt allow others to bully me nor the teachers to pick up on it...I had reading issues til I was in 3rd grade & needed a private tutor to help me read...my parents refused to accept it, but I graduated HS, and I went on to a year of law school...(left because I didnt agree to dirty politics) but the issue at hand is...if you truly want to help yourself it's going to take desire...your desire to change things...for yourself...because like "ty" said, no one is going to come to you...you are going to have to go to them for help!

Do yourself a favor...running away from school is not going to change the fact that you have to complete it if you want to change your life for the better!
Bully's can & should be taken cared of but if you stand up to them or else they will continue to harass you!

Knowing what the issues at hand are about, is the only way to actually deal with them in the proper fashion...so do yourself a favor...make the change...

Good Luck!

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You can not run away...school is something you should cherish rather then run away from it!
You will always need a GED if you dont finish at least 12 years of proper schooling.
No one will ever hire you for a normal job...do you honestly want to live a life of crime to get a good paying job or would you rather just stick it out for a month or 2 of the remaining school year & be done with it?!

Remember, running away is not the solution, are you going to run away from your problems just because you dont feel like dealing with it?!
Understand that you can not go through life running away from everything bad or everything you dont feel like doing...its called responsibility, a prt of growing up is taking responsibility...dealing with things you sometimes dont want to deal with!
So, grow up...take your life into your hands, realize that there is no alternative but to step up to the plate & do what you must not what you want to get ahead in your life...
Stay in school, dont give up...

Good Luck!

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Perhaps listening to someone whose ability to communicate in the written word is poorer than yours is not the smartest idea.

Oh and miz_shortz, spare us the teenage angst. Yes, I was a full of it when I was a teenager, but I had the sense to know that I wasnt leading the worst life in the world. Perhaps because outside my window there were shanty towns. You know, places where people live in mud huts, have to walk miles to get water from rivers, can't read or write, and work 12-16 hours a day for a dollar a day. Going to school was not a possibility, let alone a school with a roof or with actual books and chairs to sit on. You know those kids they show on tv? The starving ones in rags? Those kids are real. There's hundreds of millions of them.

And very few people actually enjoyed high school. I spent the last two years waiting to get out. But we stuck with it. So we wldnt tkl lke dis.

Back to the original question. I wouldnt advocate running away. There are simpler solutions not to go to school, but I am not exactly going to educate you on those. Look, I assume there's a reason you dont want to go to school, and it isnt simply because school is really boring. If you're being bullied, you need to get help from someone. And you will get help. I swear all adults in high schools are not evil. I'll admit, I cant stand most of them. But you just have to learn your way around. If you're struggling with your classes (and thus think you're stupid), you're not stupid... If there's a learning disability issue they need to work out what it is and work on it (my friend is dyslexic, she's getting her masters, an LD does not mean one is stupid), if it's simply that you missed out certain basics, then find a tutor to fix it. Do your parents know what is going on? Look, I worked as a counselor in a school for a year. Most of the kids, they were having a hard time because of bullying, a learning disorder, simply having missed the basics, or having some sort of mood disorder or other type of cognitive issues. And once we worked on helping them with that, they started to do better. But I kinda had to badger them into it. But here's the thing. You're not going to find very many people who will come after you. That's just not real world. You may get lucky and have someone take an interest and try to help you. But more often than not, there's too many kids and not enough time. You have to believe that you are worth the effort. Then you have to go demand that someone help you. And dont stop asking till you get it.

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I hate school so much that I wanna rn away 2 dese pple are full of shit that you need school I
know you f*** need school you only say that because you had it easy ini allow your shit yh

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If you hate school so much you need to speak to your guidance advisor concerning alternatives. Some school systems have programs, hand on learning for students that do not do well in a traditional school classroom. This could either be through a vocational program or the state will allow you to actually work at a job (monitored by the school system) and receive school credit. Ask what options are available to you in Florida.

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If your ability to write is any indication, I'd say leaving school is a very bad idea.

Without a basic education, you're going to find making a happy life for yourself exceptionally difficult. You think school sucks? It's nothing compared to trying to survive on $7.25 an hour. Yes, school is not for everyone. Those who wish to enter the military or apprentice themselves to learn a trade can find great success, but even so, you're going to need to have a better handle on the English language than ''sum wea intill school in over wit.'' Even plumbers need to be able to communicate.

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