What to do when your sister is acting like your mum?

Well my sister is 20 so 2 years older than me and from the age of 16 shes tried and acts like my mum when my mum is even in the room and now its started to annoy me as I only have one mum but my sister is acting like my mum tooo.
And I know my mum really welll as im likr her 90% and the words my mum uses my sisster uses and what can I do as I dont like it when my sister acts like mum.
What can I do to change this ?

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I'm sure it's a bit irritating but she probably means well - looking after little sisters best interests, because she loves you and CARES...Take care !!

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its hard as mum is going away in a few days time and she can tell me what she wants me to do as I cant pick a fight as I do miss behave I summer illl have to stay down nans and I wont like that.
yh sshes living home still

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just ignore her and don't pay attention to anything she says! And is your sis still living w/ you at 20? That's a lil too old no?

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I have confronted my sister but she keeps doing it and my mum agrees with my sister and I hate my sister acting like my mum as it feels werid and horrible as having one mum is enough lol
its not that I dont love my mum but having 2 mums omg it would be well bad as having 2 mums you wouldnt get away with anything

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confrnot her.
tell her how you feel
you already have one mom
so why do you need two?
I think you should just listen to your mom and ignore your sister
I think she will get the idea
but this could also mean that she cares about you
and just wants the best for you

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I just want to let you understand the other point of view ,cause iam just like your sister, iam 4 years older than my sister, I love her so much and I care about her, I've been through a lot of experiences and a lot of them caused pain, so I try to prevent her from repeating the same faults, I don't give myself any excuse to do that , I know I should let her to know whats wrong and what's right on her own, but I only wanted to let you know why does she act like that , so be sure that she loves you so much and want you to be the best person in the whole world , talk to her gently and tell her that her advice means a lot to you and you know she cares but you need some space and you are aware and won't do anything bad that affect your life , good luck.

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I want my sister to move out first before me.

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my sister does that too just stop listening to her and she will stop

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tell her about it =]]

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