What to do for fun without spending a lot?

What do you do for fun with your significant other that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money? I’m trying out this new thing called “living on a budget”, and I am finding it difficult! Any suggestions?!

Answer #1

doing the simplest things can be fun if you have the right attitude, like having a mudfight on rainy days, spending the night under the stars, making a movie together for fun, or even just listening to good music. Reading a book separately but in the same room can even lead to a naughty night. It’s really just being creative together- and believe me- you get to know each other’s really fun side.

Answer #2

Try a game night with board games You, your husband and some friends! My favorite game is catch phrase! monopoly is always fun too!! Or go on a drive to look at Christmas lights this time of year! Play nintendo!! At home.. just the two of you (if you have one) Like wii, super nintendo, regular nintendo, Sega, Playstation and so on… Just laugh at eachother, compete and enjoy time together! That’s always fun too!! Going on a hike in the wilderness is great and good exercise too!! Going on a drive to look at scenery or just talk and listen to music is alwyas relaxing too! One date night my fiance and I went to the grocery store and shopped together!! Silly, I know… but I always do it on my own, he didn’t really know what it was like!! We laughed and were silly and made it a good time, but we don’t do that very often tho!! hehehaha!! I’ll think of more suggestions… Good luck!!

Answer #3

My girlfriend and I live in two different states. She lives in PA, and I live in Jersey. She doesn’t make a lot of money, so we do things on a budget. Bowling is fun. We did that the other night, it was a lot of fun. For her girlfriend, her, and myself it cost 21 dollars. That includes 1 game, and shoe rentals for 3 people isn’t that bad. 7 dollars per person. Guitar Hero seems to be the new craze. That game is a lot of fun. It’s fun watching each other play and mess up or do really well. We like taking walks with each other to certain places. It doesn’t even have to be exotic, just out of the way so we can talk. Just a few things I like to do. We like reading as well. We are reading the same series right now. It is the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. We sometimes read and just lay on the other person, or sometimes have conversations about what we’ve read. It’s a lot of fun and very relaxing. I don’t know, just somethings we enjoy :D

Answer #4

lol, I’m in the same situation. I just got into university and I didn’t borrow any loan to pay for it, I have been saving up my money for quite sometime and I finally could afford to go to university! like some of the “aboves” said rent movies, go bowling, and we sometimes go to the movies on Tuesday(it $7 on Tues.) chill with his and my friends that gets quite interesting every now and then!
and here comes xmas, gotta start saving again to get him something, nothing big tho something really small. Its the thought that counts, right? lets hope that works!

Answer #5

try getting movie deals from somewhere liek blockbuster 4 cheap and rent a few for the weekend…or you can do the netflix thing

Answer #6

My husband likes to fish, I like to go to the library. I rent movies and games for my computer. Here in Milwaukee you can go to the museum free on mondays and the public library always has some type of activity going on. Over the summer we went to a Harry Potter Party and got to see a magician, get tattoos, see a live owl and tons of other stuff. I usually google free and where I live and some good stuff pops up.

Answer #7

I always liked staying in and watching movies. We usually get freaky after that lol! It’s fun, cheap, and satisfieing. Going to a NICE park that mostly lonely. I also watch sports with my hubby to do things HE likes too. Hanging with his friends with some wings beer chips dip etc. ($20) and watch a game, which is fun if you get into it. We do a lot of stuff like that.

Answer #8

How about going to the beach to watch sunset.Bring your mat, home made food ad snacks just relax there and have fun. Play a little volley or hell even go fishing there you might just catch dinner!

Answer #9

hey movies aren’t a bad idea its cheap ! also walks are good in the park, sea side etc…

also gallaries ,and stuff like that if you a student you get student discounts too

hope I helped :)

Answer #10

just walk around town? I don’t know, that’s what I’d do. or you could just chill at someones house, you don’t have to go all out to be with your man.

Answer #11

Do some fun outdoor activities, e.g. frisbee, tennis, visit a park, etc. They’re all free and way fun!

Answer #12

You could walk the malls, walk the parks..if you workout you could do that. familycoach

Answer #13


More than $20 is a lot to me right now!

Answer #14

how much do you consider a lot

Answer #15

I have no idea if this will help you at all buttt…

Think about things from the beginning of your relationship and bring them back… It doesnt matter what it was. (Some crazy examples from my last relationship)

-hot chocolate -runs -mario cart competitions -using chocolate syrup as finger paint (and they are the canvas) -swimming/kyaking -“home cooking show” -finding new music -me teaching him how to dance -him showing me his snowboarding moves/videos -surprising eachother constantly “just to make you smile” or “just because it’s tuesday”

or something new that I’ve been into but not sure if it’ll work for the sig other part but I’ve been making/decorating tshirts. -either old ones (like from ae or pacsun) or white ones bought from walmart.

(Its fine if none of this helped you..AT ALL.)

Answer #16

There’s a website called ‘Frugal Living’, I think ,which has lots of ideas for saving money including good days out, ideas for dates etc.

Answer #17

Get into your local scene!

You would be surprised to know that even in your own town, there would be multitudes of opportunities to have fun on the cheap!

some examples are:

Public concerts (especially now during the holidays) Marathons w/a cause & other public awareness events & most importantly


Eg: for blood drives/feeding the homeless/gathering toys for tots or children that are in the hospital/drives for our troops-magazines/movies etc

to find out more you should check out your local rec. center or city hall. sometimes the city even has events posted on their online web pages

The fun thing about volunteering for a good cause is you would feel so much richer too for having helped people less fortunate than you and in my experience as long as you take along a friend, it will be fun and can actually become addictive.

I have never felt tired/used/bored by volunteering but I do recommend having a close friend w/you so you can share the experience

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