What the heck is up with my computer?! Is it a virus?

First of all, I have AVG freeware version 9.0, and Malwarebytes freeware, newest version. Before I get any replies about that, YES they are compatible together, because they are different kinds of programs. Anyways, I just got a webcam, new, off ebay. When I tried to install the software, I got a Windows popup saying that that specific brand of webcam software has not yet been tested with Windows to see if it is compatible with my Windows XP machine. It said that continuing the installation could result in an unstable computer, allowing viruses onto my machine, and other risks (I did not click the ‘Read More’ section so I don’t know what else) I decided to install anyways. Everything was fine. Then I noticed while closing my Sims2 program that my computer was lagging…like, a strange lot. I restarted it, suddenly to see a little Windows pop up. It was one that came from the bottom right hand of the screen, where all the little icons are. It came from an icon that looked like it was a red shield, with a white X in it. The popup was titled “Your Computer May Be At Risk” and the message said “No Firewall In Currently Up. Click Here To Fix This Problem” or something very close to that. I should have written what it said down, but I didn’t. Being very keen on viruses and whatnot, I suddenly got a redflag. I have never messed with the firewall, which is always on. I went to Control Panel, then to Windows Security Center. It clearly said the firewall is on.

What is going on with my computer? I am 21 minutes into a Malwarbytes scan, and it has yet to find anything. If you have ANY kind of guess as to what virus/worm/trojan, whatever, it may be, PLEASE tell me the name. NO LINKS WHATSOEVER. I will not download ANYTHING so DO NOT BOTHER!

Thank you sooo much!


Answer #1

Uninstall that webcam

Answer #2

no they are not compatible together.. your using 2 of teh same things to do teh exact same job.. they are not (and I surpose to put ‘not’ in caps) compatible..

lag is also a online term from a server.. you will not get lag playing sims 2 or closing sims 2 or your computer.

when a pop up states that a driver hasnt been tested just carry on with the installation..

all it means is that microsoft hasnt WHQL (windows hardware quality labs) it. but the company that made the driver has tested it with windows.

a untested driver for windows will not be the cause of a unstable system..

it would requier a lot more.

with teh webcam plugged in to teh usb run windows update and under teh software tab see if theres a WHQL driver ;)

Answer #3

If I were you, I would recommend getting my money back for the camera. Clearly this sounds like you were tricked into buying a cheap camera, but the camera isn’t faulty, its the software! The disc it came with could possibly contain a trojan virus or rogue software!! Rogue software will install onto your computer without you knowing it

(recommended to fix) follow in order

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Immediately when turned on hold F8
  3. Start up your computer in safe mode
  4. Run Malwarebytes in Safe mode (it will say that it is not recommended to scan in safe mode, do it anyways its safe) (also, make sure!!! I REPEAT MAKE SURE that malwarebytes is up to date!)
  5. If it is a rogue program which I strongly believe it is DESTROY IT!!!
  6. You can also scan with AVG in safe mode to remove all spyware which it might be also

Once you believe you have destroyed the threat UNINSTALL THE CAMERA SOFTWARE!!! If it does turn out that the disc contains a virus or spyware… Try to see if you can contact Ebay or maybe even authorities and make them aware that this specific disc contains malware

^ make sure you still have the address where you got it from

eehh this is my best I hope I helped!!

Funmail me if you need anything else!

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