What Spotify Music Ripper should I use to record Spotify songs?

Hello, I would like to record Spotify music streaming for offline playback or for my cd player from my car. I was wondering if you can help me and share with me the Spotify Music Downloaders you are using to rip Spotify tracks. Thanks

Answer #1

Yeah, too bad that the Spotify Music Ripper from above doesn’t work for me unfortunately.Wanted to try it myself yesterday to see what’s the deal with ripping Spotify tracks and how exactly do you record Spotify music streaming with this sort of Spotify Music Downloaders. Unfortunately I didn’t get it to install on my pc, seems that the haven’t made updates for this version to work on win 7.Too bad I couldn’t satisfy my curiosity about ripping Spotify tracks.Have you guys found any other interesting Spotify Music rippers worth trying?

Answer #2

Spotify music streaming protected? Maybe their music is indeed protected. I just realized that I was actually never curious enough to search and find out if Spotify music streaming has some sort of encryption in the music it offers. But that does not mean that you cannot record Spotify songs, who knows why those Spotify Music Downloaders you tried did not let you rip and save Spotify tracks. I think you could manage though to save Spotify music with the help of an app that can record what you hear, whether it’s a sound recording app or even a Spotify Music Ripper. The important thing is probably to start searching for a sound recording app that can record whatever comes through your sound card.

Answer #3

And you cannot get music from other place? Why Spotify? Anyway, you should look for another music website, because Spotify is a streaming online music service so you cannot record Spotify music streaming. you could try with any Spotify Music Ripper because you will not be able to record Spotify songs. Its files are protected somehow and they are not for recording. I know that because I’ve tried to rip Spotify songs a while ago and tried some tools which I thought they could record Spotify music streams but they didn’t. My opinion is to download music from other music website except Spotify..

Answer #4

Actually I think in this case of finding out how to record Spotify music streaming probably that principle with “if you can hear it, you can probably record it” works just fine, or as already put by teddukes find some sound recording app to help you rip Spotify tracks. For mac, for example, you could take a look at audio hijack pro.It’s not exactly what you would call a Spotify Music Ripper but it can be used to record and save Spotify music to pc without any problems. For windows pc, I am not exactly sure what app you could get to rip Spotify tracks but I guess you could just use google to find some Spotify Music Ripper that works by the same principle as this one.

Answer #5

If you could just use any usual sound recording app to record and save Spotify music streaming, than I guess you can also take a look at aonesoft, they have some sound recording app as far as I recall. I don’t know exactly how this whole Spotify music streaming works since I don’t use it, but try this app and see if there’s any chance it could be used to record Spotify songs. Although if Spotify indeed has some sort of protection on its music than you probably need to find some sort of Spotify Music Downloader with special features for recording Spotify music.

Answer #6

Well, this Spotify music streaming service was not that interesting until now, at least for me because I can’t use it on my portable devices, like for example on the mp3 player. Though I must admit it never crossed my mind to wonder if it is possible to rip and save Spotify tracks to pc and transfer the music to a portable device until I stumbled upon this question. So, did any of you guys actually try any useful Spotify Music Ripper or at least some app that can really record Spotify songs? Would love to try a couple of apps myself, but I definitely would need to find some Spotify Music Ripper that works to rip Spotify tracks on windows 7.

Answer #7

First of all, I suggest you do a google search on Spotify Music Rippers, I am pretty sure that will help you find apps that can help you rip and save Spotify tracks to your pc. I guess you could also check out audacity,it’s an app that can record what comes through your sound card and I think this one could also be used to record Spotify tracks. It’s not a Spotify Music Downloader but try it and see if it works to actually rip Spotify tracks.I think it also works for win 7, but I read it’s still in beta.

Answer #8

Nope, you can try to record Spotify music with audacity but I say you won’t be satisfied with the way it works.As far as I know the music you get after recording Spotify music streaming with its help is not in such good quality so you should also keep trying other Spotify Music Rippers. Here’s a link I found on google to an article on a Spotify Music Downloader and how to record and save Spotify music streaming with its help: http://www.spotifyripping.com/?page_id=192

Take a look at it also and see if it works for you to rip Spotify tracks.

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