What sport do you think is better?

What sport is better, Football (Soccer) or Gaelic? Gaelic is an Irish traditional sport played in my country.

Answer #1

football football you get to hurt people and hit and takle

Answer #2

haha yeah I love doing that, aye he is. aye a lot of my family are fae there. haha me neither gud luck gathering it. haha aye that was funi.

Answer #3

woule be such good banter. lol. (get fucked up and sh!tfaced!) hahahaha (nah I don’t get fucked up) very cool. is he fae glasgow? me great grandad Victor was glaswegian. lol. dunno how I’d get the money to get to Lifford but I’d get it some how. for sum reason I keep remembering the time you sed for me to say summat on msn while holding down F4. (very random)

Answer #4

best way to spend time =P cool stuff!! cheers yup. was very funny

Answer #5

aye min! lol. and proud, I have other nationalities too but there all so small you can’t call me them, like I’m 1/16 dutch lol. hardly a fraction. bring it on my friend! pfffttt I believe it’ll be me showing you up (no chance, but you need confidence, eh?) I’ll just slide into the dirt lol =P

Answer #6

aye? very good.

haha no problem man, I’ll try not 2 show you up 2 much. :P

Answer #7

haha yea I love’em. :P yea well I do a good 1 of irish and scots. ;) because my ma is Scottish. :)

haha cheers mate. ;)

Answer #8

there goood my ma is half scottish and half english me dad is fully scottish but has irish in him somewhere. no problem, first thing we should do when and if we meet up one day is have a good ol’ game o footie!

Answer #9

So I semi-heard the video last night, but had to turn it up really loud and admittedly you sounded a bit like a munchkin for part of it…not sure why…lol. I can’t speak for all American girls, but I think most of them just like accents in general. For instance, there are those that would fall head over heals for a French guy that just walked up and said “Oui” to them. Other girls love Spanish accents.

It’s because American guys are boring ;-) Or the girls just get tired of hearing the same old same old. Any new sounds are like a fresh change of pace for us. You never hear of people liking American accents because we just seem so bluh…at least, to me we do (no offense to anyone who might write me back in an uproar).

I have a thing in particular for Irish accents. Always have. Some guy could come up and say “Oui” to me and I wouldn’t give two craps, but have someone say “Eerish” (Irish) one time and I’m hooked :-) Again, that’s just me though. Call me crazy.

Answer #10

haha… dam! well maybe… I don’t like coco pops! there for little kids, I’m 15, nearly a grown up lol. I can do a good impersination because I have sum ancestory… but my actual accent is just…my accent lol haha I see lol, well you are pretty good at football mate so…

Answer #11

aye no problem man be gud crak, im going 2 Glasgow soon to see me uncle Joe. :)

Answer #12

definitly man! I’ll save up my money and come visit you sum summer lol. would be awsum eh? ? :)

Answer #13

well I deleted the video again.. :P

and you wud beat me? yeah andy then you wud wake up with your head in your coco pops.. :P

well mine is Irishy because well… im Irish hehehe aww I love football but I cud probly play for my county if I joined gaelic but it gets boring and painful -_-

Answer #14

haha aye true,

haha well theres only 1 way 2 find out ;)

Answer #15

uh… dunno pretty tied… played gaelic for maybe 10 mins… didn’t get into it much… always loved football tho… so go with that… oh man I would totally kick your bum in a 1 on 1 match!!! hehe, and wheres this video of you soundin like a wee munchkin??!!! need to see it lol ;) a lot of girls in my school like/love irish accents, I can pull my one out (don’t think that phrase was dirty!! ;) ( and speak a little, but my hometown accent to strong to let out the irish lol.. )

Answer #16

your crazy.. lol.. and I dont wanna burst your bubble but thats not Irish. haha. and I sound funny because my mic is all screwy I listened 2 it and I do sound funny.. lol.. well American accents are boring because you guys hear them everyday and we hear them in movies EVERYDAY!!! well Cheers for your answer.

Slan Abhaile, (that IS Irish) <— goodbye.

Answer #17

ok it might work this time I tried like 5 times and it hasnt worked so im not bothering no more, does americans have a thing for irish accents because every american I meet loves my accent. thanks and gud luck. ;)

(this is what im saying basically for you that dont understand me. ;))

Answer #18

aww man you have 2 see and play the game 2 truely love it. ;) I like football better and I cud almost be pro if I tried but people say im so much better at Gaelic AND its my national sport. =/

Answer #19

answering and thanking people who answer my questions

Answer #20

I researched Gaelic and it sounds way better.

Answer #21

Never heard of it, but I’d go Gaelic :-)

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