What sort of foods do you like to eat?

What sort of food do you like to eat and why?

Answer #1

cherry poptarts, spaghetti, Wendys, T7 on the Taco Bell Menu, Chinese food, kiwis, pears, peas, M&M donuts from dunkin’ donuts, Cannolis, and Sun Chips.

Answer #2

I love banana Moon Pies and I eat T.V. dinners because I am disabled and it’s the easiest thing to make. I hate it though because I am a very good cook. I love Quarter Pounders, but they always make me sick. I think it’s all the fat. No more of them.

Answer #3

Crackers,buiscuts,potato mash, savory food with potatos in it, because it tastes nice and I love potatoes.

Answer #4

I tried this French food the other day called “La tarte flambee” and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had. It’s basically a cross between crepes and pizza.

I’m also a big fan of toast. I like it with honey, jam, butter, peanut butter, or pretty much any spread. But I eat it almost every day.

I really like soup, too. Pea soup, cream of tomato soup, lentil soup, minestrone, cream of broccoli, chicken broth…it’s all the best.

My favorite fish to eat is walleye, and salmon.

For snacking, I like tortilla chips and really hot salsa.

Answer #5

Rice pudding with apple- it’s so sweet, creamy and delicious. It’s really nice when it’s been microwaved a bit.

I love hot chips (preferably thick cut ones instead of french fries), snowballs (marshmallow covered in chocolate then rolled in coconut), Salt and vinegar Pringles.

I have always loved potato salad, and one of my latest mealtime favourites is couscous. I also really love chicken kievs with cheese and garlic. Recently I’ve been making garlic cheese toasties (slices of french baguette with garlic butter and edam cheese) as a side to have with dinner.

I like them all for different reasons, but the one thing they have in common is that they just taste so good!

Answer #6

crap… junk food mostly, chips, chicken, chocolacte…the 3 c’s haha and a lot of other things that really arnt good for me although im generally active during the day and have a fast metabolism I can eat a lot of food without noticing a difference…CAKE!! theres another one of lifes little neccessities! and the only thibng I really drink is water, im actually pretty healthy although the good foods for people to eat are vegetables, fruit and meats like chicken and fish

Answer #7

hey poem girl I write poems if you want me to send you some I will write back if you want to read some poems that I wrote!!

Answer #8

SUSHI!! cause they’re so small and light, easy to carry and bring around, and they’re healthy and filling =) YUM!

Answer #9

Mostly fast food… its horrible I know, but tastes SO good.

Answer #10

I lOVE eating sliced up apples…especially dipping them in peanut butter. I don’t do it often, but it’s sooo good. try it sometime and let me know what you think!

Answer #11

moose, fish, seal, because of culture, and its good

Answer #12

Oh well, I LOVE chocolates! And of course, I LOVE oreo too. Yummy!

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