What social cause is most important to you for us to help out on?

As a company, we’re going to become more socially involved in society. It’s one of our top business goals going forward. I believe that FunAdvice should try to make a difference, a positive one, not just here, but in real life too ;)

So, if you could pick, what social activism should we start with?

Answer #1

Support for traditional/Biblical Family Values.

Answer #2

get more involved in charitiys maybe, theres tons, cancer, animals, children, homeless etc, just anything to make us more socially aware that we can make a difference and there are so many different causes to choose from and we can make a difference to them by helping :)

Answer #3

I think lots of things, nutrition,military, school, parenthood

Answer #4

Awareness-raising about teen issues around the world is good (See comments above). I’d say that the ‘everyone must be doing all they can about poverty’ isn’t true, though, because we often think problems are too big or we can’t help, which is where awareness-raising comes in.

Maybe literacy projects around the world, possibly those that focus particularly on female literacy? These help girls grow up into productive members of poor communities, allowing them to make money and improve healthcare/childcare in their own areas.

Answer #5

I think that any cause would be a great one to take part in. raising awareness in anything, from our global issues to getting teenagers to vote, is one step. poverty and starvation is a good one or helping the environment because those two things can involve people from any county and this site being open to people around the world should support an issue that everyone could care about.

Answer #6

Animal abuse/neglect/rights is my number 1.

Traditional family values would be last on my list because it’s very polarizing. I personally do not support taking away rights and freedoms from people, which is essentially what that means to me.

Answer #7

Just Neglect in general. What I find so interesting about this site is the community. People come on here because they might not have anyone at home. I like the social network and the fact that people on here actually care. They seem genuine. :D

Answer #8

I believe that since there are a lot of teens on this site, you could do something that has to do with teens (even though it is for the rest of the world, not this site). A lot of people already know about the starving children in africa and south america and we all know something should be done about it. People don’t need to be told over and over again, if they were going to do something about it, it would already be done.
So, something good might be raising awareness about teens and drunk driving. Every fifteen minutes someone is killed from a drunk driving accident and teens (as well as adults) need to know that this is serious. It is something that is more personal to us and we can actually relate to it.
At school we had an assembly about teens and drunk driving called Every Fifteen Minutes and some of the drama students recreated a car crash. It was so real and scary and we really got the message. We also saw a video about what the two groups of friends in the two cars that crashed were doing before and after the crash. One of the boys in the drunk drivers car (that boy was also drunk) was killed right away from the impact and another boy (from the other car, he was not drunk) died after he went into cardiac arrest. It showed us what can really happen to us and what does happen every fifteen minutes on the roads.
Hope I helped…

Answer #9

Military? NO. Why? A military exists (in the western world) to go out & conquor lessor nations. There hasn’t been a full scale attack on a western country from an invading force since world war 2. We support human rights, which means (to me) we’re NOT going to support murder.

Unless, of course, the president of the country in question is willing to pick up a gun & join others on the front lines. Then we may reconsider.

Traditional family values - amblessed, I’m the only one of the three founders of this site to come from a “broken home”…AND I grew up with 4 parents. Perhaps you need to read the about us page…one of our goals, as a business, is to promote religious tolerance. What you just recommended is incredible exclusive, since less than 1/6 the world is Christian, and FAR less than that number read the Bible, know anything about it’s history, etc.

flossheal, you’re right: not everybody is doing enough on poverty.

And kamex, yes, I’d like to do something different…but, not suppor cannibals.

Dara, nope, animal rights aren’t on my short list. Sorry. If we get to a point where all the people abuse has been eliminated (poverty, women’s education, literacy, hunger, etc) then we’ll start seriously looking into the plights of animals.

Thanks for the feedback, all. Once we get a plan together, I’m going to post an outline to get more feedback.

Answer #10

I think raising awareness of poverty and starvation worldwide is a very important issue. It would be a great starting point considering this is a global site with so many users from around the world. Just a thought! :)

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