what should I play in high school?

well im going to be starting high school soon & and my teammates from middle school are like bugging me to play either basketball or volleyball, but I keep telling them I want to get into music and stuff, but no my parents are starting to bug about sports in high school. what should I do!?!?

Answer #1

sports will take you very far, but doing what you want to do is best for you. so just do what you want im sure you could do a sport and music. =]]

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cant you do em all?? or are they all at the same season? because I played basketbal and tennis plus I was into music but do whatever will make you happy not your friends or family but being in alota of clubs and sports is what makes high school fun you meet a lot of new people and you learn alota new things dont be afraid to go all out(:

Answer #4

Do both… You can do more then one, although it may be very tiring…

In gr 9-10 I was in Jazz band, but I also was on the rugby + volleyball + track teams…

But really the choice is up to you… Your friends shouldn’t matter when it comes to this, because it can effect your grades. And your parents should understand any reasoning behind whatever you decide.

It’s best to get involved in anything you can though, when the time comes to apply to universitys/college, seeing that you were an active participant in school activites, makes you more appealing.

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Answer #6

youll meet a lot of people in sports. Id suggest volleyball. Volleyball Rocks.

Answer #7

volllyball! it rock!

Answer #8

If you want to get into music try the marching band. Mostly I would say you should find out what teams at your high school are good.If your soccer team is good and your somewhat interested just give it a try! Once you find out what you want to do just tell your parents and friends that you’ve decided to do what you want to do. :)

Answer #9

Im in VolleyBall(: But do whatevr you want

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