What should I do with my so called life?

I have been with my boyfriend for way over 2 years now, and it’s crap. We always fight everyday! I’m not aloud to go out or talk or be around boys, He talks to me like crap, there’s an issue with everything I do or say or touch! He hates taking pictures with me unless he’s drunk or in a very good mood which is rare. He ALWAYS accuses me of cheating! When obviously I haven’t! I’m not aloud to talk to people he hates. He hates it when people treat me like crap though he does himself. He hates it when I’m on the computer for long. Or doing something for a long period of time without him, he gets jealous all the time over everything. He doesn’t take me out anywhere nice like to the movies, dinner etc. unless I beg him too. He does buy me lots of stuff, which I think he buys from guilt or thinks thats all he has to do to make me smile which I do when he does when really I’m depressed all the time, but hide it with a fake laugh or smile or even a conversation because I can’t tell him because it turns to my fault or an arguement, he doesn’t trust me at all, he goes through my bag and purse and reads my reciepts, always asking what I’ve spent my money on and why. Doesn’t like me going out with my family. Or wearing things that are too revealing for me to wear, He hates public transport, such as trains, buses, taxi’s. He’s never been on a plane or only goes by car everywhere, which he has but cant drive as he has his L’s. He does claim to go for his P’s for me, but I still think it won’t be any different, he has been like this for god knows how long, I love him thats why I am still with him and till this day I am still patiently waiting for him to change. I can’t live without him, he is the reason I am still alive through this. But I need space and care sometimes. I hate my life because of not just him, but family too. My mum abandoned me for her boyfriend and now lives 10 hours away, my dad is 67 years old! and has a heart condition and smokes and drinks heavily and doesn’t take any medication whats so ever, he’s lonely and always unhappy, I can’t do anything about it either, trust me I’ve tried! ( terrifyed of him dieing soon) , my sister is selfiish and hard to get through. I have no friends (because of my boyfriend) I do have some, but it’s hard to see them as for my boyfriend (their boys by the way) because I don’t get along so much with girls. I don’t trust anyone! I am always sad and cry sometimes, I am constantly getting put down by everyone I love. The only person I feel like I have left is jason (boyfriend) and he is still making me unhappy. I just want people to be happy with me. I wont see consellors because I dont trust them and I always make the story different with out notice. I don’t feel comfortable with them either. I don’t talk to anyone in my family, they hate me because of my mum. I’m only 16 by the way and I dont live the life I wish I could, shopping, fashion, friends, going out, laughing till you cry, family love. it’s sounds like a dream life. I’m starting not to eat properly or talk as much anymore or even sleep. All I do it waste time and listen to music that relate to me. I’m not even aloud to be pset around my boyfriend no matter what I go through because he get’s frustrated with me, when I “act” sad or depressed, like just now he said to me “You do relise you being like this just made us argue again don’t you?” He means because I’m sad, and very ill at the moment. I know most of you will say DUMP HIM! But honestly I can’t do it. I love him to much to let him go, and we have to many good memries together to let them go. I just wanna know what can I do :( I have tried everything and it just ends up worse than ever. I HATE MY LIFE!! Help me please :’( anyone?

Answer #1

compleatly agree w clawjaw the feeling you have isnt (atleast I doubt) is love, its just the fear of being alone and in this case its better to be alone. I also had a relationship of about 2 years and near the end it was hard to break up because of that feeling alone.

dump him, dont call him and ignore him for atleast 2 weeks and see how it goes

Answer #2

Your question is about 41 lines longer than it needed to be…

Your boyfriend is a prick. End the relationship, PERMANTENTLY.

Answer #3

You’ve only wasted 2 years, don’t waste anymore.

Answer #4

hug there is nothing you can do to change your boyfriend,leave him, being without him may be hard, but being with him will be even harder, and I know you might think he is the only one for you, but there is ALWAYS some guy out there that cares about you but you just might me to blind to see it. life is pure hell thats a fact. and why love someone that will never love you back??? because surely there is a perfectly good caring guy out there just waiting for you. 2 years might be a long time, but take it from me its NOTHING, your only 16 you got a whole life ahead of you, I am 54 so trust me I know bits and pieces about life. I’ve been with my wife for over 20 years now and it feels like 20 years of joy, but if YOUR 2 years feels like 20 years of hell then just end it. I dont know you and you dont know me but take the advise from a man that lived a life. and also getting over him might take some time, so just take a 360 degree look around you and find that 1 guy who truly deeply cares about you and grip on to him tightly and dont let him go, and get all the support you can from him, because that is the only way you are going to get back on your own 2 feet. but no good on me telling you what to do you can either chose to listen to me or just let this comment go through your one ear to another, just stand on your own 2 feet keep your eyes open and live your life in joy and happines, and search for those 2 elements until you find them, because the way your going you will be crying your self to sleep wishing you were in a much better place, but you will never find that better place or that special someone that will unconditinally love and care for you unless you widen up your eyes just an inch MOVE ON and take that risk, because if you dont you will be living in hell for the rest of your life the way youre going.

Answer #5

Reading the first half of your question was familiar. My boyfriend. is the same way. I left him 1 and a half months ago. It was very hard for me to do - and it can be even harder - it sounds like you might not have anywhere else to go. I understand that leaving him is easier said than done, But your only 16 and now is the time to make yourself happy. you have to let him know how you feel. He will try and blame you and make you feel like he did nothing wrong and its all you! but thats because he’s insecure! Don’t waste your life with someone who can’t appreciate you or love you for who you are. Always remember to love yourself first because at the end of the day no one is going to take care of you. I truly hope everything works out for you. talk to him. you should know by his reaction what to do. If he loves you he’ll let you go. He’ll do everything he can to make you happy! Good luck! and never give in!!

Answer #6

im sry for this but if I may speak freely…?

your boyfriend is a dominating lil dick that is making your life worse…

ok you say you love him but if you look deep down youll find that you dont and your only with him as your 2 scared to finish with him…

get him out of your life n0w..!!

once hes gone start phoning family… youll find your family dont hate you: remember their your family you cant hate family as their always gonna be family

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