What should i do when people are insulting me and my friends?

So I know when someone insults me I should walk away and not insult them back I know its the mature thing to do but what about when it comes to other people theres a guy insulting my friends right now should I just ignore it or what??? Should I be the peace keeper or start telling him off or what???

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Okay well here's what you don't do. No matter what anyone says do not insult them back or make any stupid nasty oh yo momma comments back. Just because you're 1. Stouping down to their low level. 2. Do not threaten to beat them up or any dumb thing like that. Okay so obisouly you're having some little kid school issues. Yeah well everyone has there off days sweetie. I've been there done that. I'm married now and pregnant with my 1st child (yayyy!!). But moving on. I know you will always want to say nasty comments back but seriously don't!! You're just making it worse. People like that only want attention and when they see that they are getting that attention they're gunna keep going and going. But if you don't say anything back and ignore them then they'll move on. Be the bigger person and don't make the situation bigger. So what you have haters, well that just means you're doing something right. ~glad I could help, jordan~

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or you could say like your just jealous cus we are more prettier than your girlfriend so get over it. or something like that.

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Well I think it depends on your natural
instinct. I can be vicious and im quite the
mother hen when it comes to my friends
insult my friends and I'll insult you to tears
faster then you can say Im sorry I said that I
didnt really mean that. But if someone insults
me then I just smile and say thanks from you
thats a compliment. So really just go with what
you think is right.

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tell him that he needs to know a person before judging them, then tell him you do not want to hear any more insults about your friend, walk away, and no longer talk that person until they grow up and stop being mean to those around them.
Hope everything works out,

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It all depends on the person. I always try to talk to the person that insults my friends and try to get them to change. But If they don't, I get in their face about it.

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If you say something back your just as low as them, Smile and walk away. Shows that you don't care and sooner or later they will get a life and stop insulting you.

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but what about friends arent you supposed to stick up for them??

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Insulting him back will not stop him from insulting you and your friends. It will only make him do it even more and could end up turning into a fight. The best thing to do is just ignore him completely. Throughout your whole life you will meet other people like him, the people who insult you for no particular reason except self satisfaction, but as long as you have your friends and other people that you are close to, a person like him means nothing. Just stick with your friends, have a good time and ignore the ones who try to put you down.

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I know its mature to not say anything but sometimes when you shake the bottle too much the lids gonna pop off. so just tell them off with a real long sequence. for example, say something like, " I don't know which is uglier, your face, or your mom. could you help me with that?" or "if my dog was as ugly as you I would shave its butt and tell it to walk backwards. or "if I wanted any lip from you I would jiggle my zipper". sry its a little dirty but thats just how I roll.

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