What should i do when my boyfriend is sucking my boobs

What should I be doing while my boyfriend is sucking on my boobs?

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play with his head scratch it rub it but when hes done time for you to move down and make your move. he will love it I done it and my boyfriend loved it so try it out.

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Run your fingers through his hair, and pull lightly, do different things and pay attention to how he reacts to them. Or you can even try scratching maybe =]
Drivesy boyfriend crazy when I lightly scratch his head as I run my fingers through his hair. Sometimes he even pauses to shiver xD
There's a good chance he's like you playing with his head [lol] because the scalp is an erogenous point. Oh! And ears too!

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breathe hard, hold him tight, squeeze him, run you hand through his hair, and lay back and enjoy it. thats why a guy does it usually, to make you feel good.

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hold his head there and rub his hair but if you dont like it pull his head toward urs

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eehhh..lol...im the one who supossed to suck them...but I can try to help lol. You should just be interresed and look like to have fun. I dont know? Because I think that when I do that I like to see the girl havong pleasure... Hope that help you.

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rub on his head...breath hard

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squeeze the other one while he's doing one of your thing. that's what my bf asked me to do

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just relax and enjoy what he is doing. Hold him tight and kiss him gently. when he's done and gets off ur boobs sit on him with you boobs hanging near his mouth, It'l feel like heaven wen he licks and sucks ur hot boobies.

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Just feel him i.e. your boyfriend, enjoy it as your boobs are touched, played and pressed by him. And give urself totally surrender to him. It means that give ur whole body from top to bottom totally surrender to him. Your soul and ur complete body is only made for him.

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You can enjoy it, feel it that this is your heaven and you will very lucky on this earth that your boyfriend sucking and playing with your boobs :)))

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