What do i do my boyfriend wants to see my boobs?

Kk soo my boyfriend and me havve been dating for almost 4 months its been 3 now and hes already felt my boobs but now he wants too see them his hands kept going to my lala a.k.a vagina he kept rubbing it I guess to turn me on but iunno this was happening 2 days ago now & im fine with it now but idont noe what I do when we hes feeling me up im not sure what to doo should I kiss his neck? And no im not giving him a bj or a hj help me ?!

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Just tell him that you don't want to do that kind of stuff yet. and you will let him know when you are.

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if he likes you he will wait for all those things, a guy cant make you do anything if you are uncomfortable just tell him if he likes you enough it wont matter..

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you two havent been dating long enough to be doing stuff like that. I had the same problem when I was dating a girl only she wanted what he's doing to you, I did what she wanted because I loved her. but things dont work out when you move that fast. so I would say if he really wants to be with you he can wait until you want what he can give you. my advice is to keep the hands away from the boobs. if/when you two break up it gonna be hard knowing someone else has been there when your wedding night rolls around and your husband is doing all those things and you will feel so so so bad. just trust me on this one. good luck and I hoped I helped

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it high time you stop this.. let your boyfriend wait until time is reap. just imagine if every boyfriend comes to your life has to see your booms then your final boyfriend who will be your husband you won't be accordng him the best

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