What should i do my teacher makes me feel uncomfortable?

okay well I have always gotten sort of a weird vibe from him, but I just try and ignore it since he has not really done anything..I just dont know why I feel so weird around him. He does always stand like right by me I mean always. like the whole class period. (im not a bad student either) and theirs other things but nothing major. and I notice that I get hundreds on assighnments that I dont even turn in. (dont mind that, just seems odd) I mean I know teachers get close with students and things but I can honestly say that none of them made me umcomfortable except this one that was real mean. but I mean he is a nice guy and most of the students like him. so I don't know I guess its just me, should I just get over it and ignore it?

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I kind of agreee with diseaseus, but unless he does something inapporpiete ignore him a lot of my teachers like me too...although t hey are not creepy like you described

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I think it's a bit unfair that he gives you advantage over the other students. In fact I think it would get him fired, or departmentalized. Does he give 100's on missed assignments for any of them? You could really burn this guy if you wanted to, just so you know. Sounds like he is going for the ''I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine'' approach. Creepy.

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It's probably just you, I would ignore it unless he starts getting really weird. However, there has been a lot of controversy over teacher student relationships. So if he get's a bit flirty or whatever, talk to your mom and see what she recommends.

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Well I say unless he starts doing something inappropriate or something like that then I don't see any reason to worry about it. Just try to ignore it for now but if he starts doing something too extreme where it really bothers you then tell someone you trust

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tell someone...

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