How to make a vote of thanks on annual sports day as teacher?

Thanking the principal,the teaching staff,the peons who help in making the arrangements,the activity incharges,the chief guest, the guest of honour,the entire sports department,the music department,the headmistress and the parents who take time to attend the sports day celebration on a weekday.How to make a speech thanking all the above people?

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The best way to do that, instead of creating a lengthy speech thanking them and all their individual efforts, is to group them as much as possible, only making specific gratitudes where certain actions have gone above and beyond. You should, however, always give accreditation to your guest speaker.

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It will depend of the working scale and the duration in that his designation. You can check a teacher's salary online here.

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How to make a vote of thanks on my schools annual day function?

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