What should a 13 year old girl wear?

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that is fucken lame as hell!!! LOL

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im 12, and I will admit it, I do try to wear what my friends wear, but only because we have similar styles!
im really girly, but I dont like things with frills, find what you like wearing and then work with that. like I said, im girly but not really over the top, I love skirts, and make up, and I spend ages doing my hair, but I try not to go over the top, bacause it will look trashy... hope it helped xx

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I just know that some idioit is going to say 'cloths'.
hmmm... what ever you feel most comfortable in.
any kind of jeans, shirts that dont show off cleavage.
thats traaashy. tank tops are fine. with the right top
short shorts are good too. ballet flats are always
perfect. just whatever, and vintage... bliss.

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dress however you want to be dressed=)
like im 13 and I dress up like a really preppy skater. or I just wear whatever I like=)


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Clothing doesn't really matter !
Dress however you like and your TRUE friends
will accept you for whatever you are INSIDE. =)

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wear what ever you want it's your body and what ever you like we cant tell you what to do..x

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hollister, abercrombie, delia's, aeropostal

ballet flats...long shirt/short dress w/ leggings

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sweet and conservative clothing. no midriffs showing, short-shorts, etc.
she can have style of course(rock, prep, hip hop, artsy, etc.) as long as it is age appropriate.

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If you can't afford the "latest" fashions, don't sweat it. Neither could I. Don't worry about looking cool. Just wear jeans and a top you've worn a million times. Clothing, hair, you might not think so, but no one else around you, your friends or not, really care about what kind of clothes you put on your body. And you're not the only one obsessing about it. Just respect your body and you'll be fine. Trust me... :P

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Clothes. Lol just kidding.

Wear whatever you want. I'm sick of all the stupid fashion. From skinny jeans, to ballet flats, to babydolls. Hasn't anybody heard or American Eagle jeans and a good ol' t-shirt?

I wish I didn't get into fashion when I was 11 and 12, because then I got caught up in what someone would think if they saw me in a certain outfit, and I wasn't comfortable with my clothes, or myself. Now I have to wear a school uniform and I will break the dress code to show my personality and to be different.

If you think guys would rather have a girl wearing a certain brand or style, you're wrong. they don't even notice. No offense to you guys reading this, but when it comes to clothes, you can't tell black from white!

If you think you'll have more friends if you wear a certain brand or style, they aren't your true friends. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with 'Ooh! Cute shirt!' because I do that all the time. Haha. But please don't get caught up in style and fashion. 20 years from now, you won't see how cute your jeans were, or how many friends you had, or how many guys loved you, you'll see WHAT YOU LEARNED.


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Me? Grey tracksuit, black T-shirt, blue hoodie. No make up, jewellry, dresses, skirts...can't stand them. Seriously, I don't even know if Mascara goes on the bottom of your eye or top of your eye. Not interested in fashion. I'd rather be trapped in a box with a spider than spend hours wandering around fashion shops going "OOOH!!!" at every dress you see =.=

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